Mac and Cheese Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by WeeD BurPs, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. so easy to make. so cheap. so good.

    anyone else here dig mac n cheese? its one of the only foods that like just like they do in the picftures

  2. That, or Biscuit & Gravy [Sausage Gravy].

    Nice thread
  3. My girlfriend makes the best baked macaroni.
  4. I actually fucking made Spongebob Mac & Cheese tonight, because everyone knows the shapes are beastly.
  5. I have boxes of it in my cabinet at work. I love it!
  6. I made homemade mac and cheese for dinner last night. It was gooood :)
  7. Im actually cooking some right now, That with a chicken patty. Broke but its good.

  8. Po' food is always the best food.
  9. i dont know what i did special, but this tastes amazing..
  10. Does anyone else think that the cartoon shaped mac and cheese tastes better? I think the cheese is different or something. Pretty much all mac and cheese rules though.
  11. Yea it definitely does. Only bad thing is they barely give you any noodles in the Shapes ones :(
  12. Yah for real. I uesd to get super full off a box but not so much anymore.
  13. I'm just gonna tell all of you guys, you have not lived if you haven't made mac and cheese with tuna fish in it, the kind that comes in a can. one can per box of mac, its godlike, even if you don't like tuna you'll love the shit out of it, try it sometime.
  14. hahaha I remember this one time I got stoned and made vegan mac n cheese, which ended up tasting horrible but wasstill good at the same time for some reason.
    weirdest taste ever ahahaha
  15. I love mac and cheese. Even the 35 cent boxed w/ powder cheese kind. Still great.

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