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MA Headshops

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Arborist1212, Feb 13, 2009.

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    I only know of two headshops near me. O P M and Holy Smokes, and i'm goin to both this weekend.

    Anyone else know of any good Heapshops close to Easern Mass, or UMASS Amherst?

    I'm only shopping for a good grinder (specifically looking for Chromium crusher 4 or 5 piece) And a vaporizer (specifically the new VaporBrothers hands free vape.)

    Any place that sells either of those items is fine, but a VaporBrothers reseller that carries CC grinders would be golden, thanks.
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    OPM = a bunch of glorified pricks behind a glass counter. I fucking hate that place. Plus they overcharge. Ask any other smokeshop owner and they will always tell you that OPM is a bunch of doucebags. ( They do have nice glass tho )

    you should go to The Happy Campah, they carry ROOR and illadelph.

    also. Dons Joke shop in quincy center is the shit. MAD CHEAP. Don keeps it on the low though. go to the back counter and ask to see some of his glass. He even closes up the shop for me. I love it, he may chat your ear off but hes the shit for a 60+ year old guy.
  3. okay so I'm going to reccomend going to providence, ri. There's like eight head shops there. Also by Nichols college there is a headsop, but idk the name. In Boston there's sugar daddys, hidden treasure, and two hempests (one on newbury st and one in harvard square.) I've also heard about this place in Allston called ritual spirits or something. It's supposed to be mad cheap. If you're looking for designer glass, sugar daddy's has door and illadelph etc. I also reccomend looking at Amazing adult stores. I've gotten some cool pieces for super cheap.
  4. Oh yea! I forgot about Amazing! haha. they do have nice little cheap pieces. Sugar Daddy's also has some really nice stuff. +Rep SS420!
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    yo dude where in Quincy center? That's so close to where I live.

    And thanks for the props.
    And sorry for the double post.
  6. I park in the parking structure where the DMV used to be. Lemme draw a MS Paint map for you. I suck at directions. haha

  7. My mom works at the DMV. Is it in that part of the center?
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    I hope this helps. haha just park and walk across the street. go down that alley/street and follow to your left. If you know the area it really should. Follow the red arrow. Its not far down the street at all. I know its past (not very far ) the old hobby shop. I mean, its the only joke/magic shop in the area. you shouldnt miss it. He has a purple sign above his shop.
  9. thanks man I'm definitely checking it out next time I'm home. Idk if you knew, but that new cigar place in Weymouth across from amazing has some glass in the back side of he counter. They also carry everything you need for a hookah.

  10. Thats the other one, The happy Campah, couldn't remember the name. i saw thier buisness card laying around somewhere a while back and couldn't find it when i needed it
  11. If you feel like a little road trip "The Smoke Ring" in Salisbury has a real good selection, tons of Illadeph too :)
  12. To the OP

    When I see your name, I always think "abortionist"
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    haha its cool that your name is like a puzzle.
  14. ive only been to sugar daddies and a few places in nh im a big fan of mgw glass and want to get a percolated tube but sugardaddies is expensive imo so im gunna go to providence ill let ya know
  15. There's a porn shop in Westborough that sells some decently priced pieces. Plus, there's always Boston. I personally am very lazy and without a car so I just get my stuff of the internet and mailed to my mailbox on campus, just I wouldn't recomend ordering anything TOO suspicious like a 6-footer or something.
  16. if you're near umass amherst, check out Trade Winds. im not sure if thats the name, but its Trade something. and its within walking distance from Umass. its right in Amherst Center.
  17. ^^ Trade Routes, they have a lot of nice handblown glass pieces from local dudes as well as hookahs and assorted rhasta items. Decent prices. If youre looking at really well done pieces youre gonna be paying a lot more obv.
  18. If your near OPM and Holy Smokes, have you tried Kind Connection? I have found that they have the best selection bar none. It is located on 180 Angell St. off of Thayer in Providence.
  19. If you are in Amherst(like me) and have a ride, go down to enfield ct and hit up vibrations and northern lights. I like vibrations more, but both have a good selection. About 40 mins from UMass.
  20. I really like Hidden treasure. I got a really nice diffused downstem 4'' bubbler there for $40. It's really thick. Not sure about what you're looking for.

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