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  1. I got the M420 based on reviews on multiple sites... Its a bit on the small side, and it hits a little hot if you don't draw slowly once the carb is pulled... but I purchased knowing that I really wanted the Sherlock attachment...

    it allows for a longer draw and still hits just as smooth.... great piece, highly recommended


    I cashed a whole bowl in a single draw... got me way more blasted than using the straight small pipe it came with... and it looks cooler and is mega thick...

    I'd show a milk video, but I'm too damn old to figure out how to do that...

    hope you guys like it as much as I do
  2. That's cool man. I have the i420 with the regular tube. I didn't even know they made these.

    Good shit.
  3. Sorry bro, the Sherlock is only available for the M as far as I know

    But thanks for the words on the piece
  4. Well I figured i take a second to show the parts that comprise the M420 Sherlock that are in the above picture

    first you have to get the M420 Incredibowl...


    then I got the Sherlock attachment


    then I also added the quick draw tab... the little black tab that makes it easier and faster to pull the carb


    Keep in mind this is only for the M line, not the I line... for whatever reason Incredibowl decided only the cool shit would be for the M... the smaller version... but the bowl size is almost identical, but it does not have the lifetime guarantee
  5. here is a cool milk video i found... this guy uses a iron, I just use I-tal

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbni4qUzok4]Incredibowl sherlock piece - YouTube[/ame]
  6. that's pretty bad ass
  7. I didn't know there was a Sherlock attachment, pretty legit.
  8. the cool part is the attachment pieces for the M420 as well as the replacement parts

    the m420 DomeCrusher Lite - an oil burner attachment for the m420 for twelve bucks!


    The M420 Vapor Dome. The Dome Kit comes with a quartz nail, adapter joint, and glass dome.

    M420 Extention Tube . Get the full use of your M420. 10 inches in length

    Replacement Bowls for the i420 Incredibowl.

    M420 Replacement Bowl Screen Kit. You get a Replacement Bowl for your M420, new O Rings and 5 Screens. Makes your Incredibowl m420 like new.

    This is a glass replacement tube for your Incredibowl M420. Tjis tube comes with new rubber grommets on both ends and the Incredibowl Brand in Black on the tube itself. This is a very nice piece and well worth the extra cash.

    that was all I could find on two sites...
  9. this is pretty cool I just found... shows how the XL attachment can be hooked to a bong... he also has the quick draw tab.....

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uo-AKfacw-4&feature=related]Incredibowl m420 XL Quickdraw bong rip - YouTube[/ame]
  10. Yeah I knew my i420 wouldn't fit up to it but like I said its still sweet.

    Never tried with a bong but I used to hook my Silver Surfer whip up to the bowl and incredi-vape and my friends used to love it.
  11. I have the xl tube and quickdraw on mine. I love it, but I've wanted the sherlock for a long time now. The only thing that really held me back from it was seeing pictures of it and the glass looking too thin. It seems thick enough?
  12. Is it glass or the crazy durable plastic?
  13. The sherlock is made out of glass. The stock tube and extension are both plastic (which when they say its durable I can honestly say they aren't lying).
  14. that's pretty dope... I hooked mine to my MFLB... makes the Incredivape... pretty slick

    the glass is pretty thick... I was actually surprised to see how thick it was and I had a pretty tough time rolling the M420 over the glass...

    the next guy got you... the durable plastic is really only on the OEM tube and only the I has the lifetime on the tube and parts

    thanks for chiming in... I wish you had said how you know how durable it truly is... I've see cars roll over them... but that just seems dumb after spending all that cash on the I
  15. I've hopped up a down on mine pretty damn hard and I'm a bigger dude just to impress friends. Now it has like small permanent crease on the edges of the mouthpiece but no cracking or damage.
  16. Before I got the xl tube on mine when it was completely stock, a buddy of mine and I were smoking in my car and I don't know if you've done so, but the easiest way to ash it when it's kicked is to hold it out the window (you can tell where this is going). Long story short, he dropped it and we had to go back for it. I thought for sure it would be fucked, but it was fine (minus a crack in the actual glass bowlpiece which I assumed would have been in pieces). If it can survive 30mph out of a car onto concrete than it's strong enough for me!

    I have owned an m420 for quite sometime, so besides the car incident it has survived plenty of drops but those all fail in comparison to being dropped out of a moving car.....
  17. You should put some water in the sherlock so the water level is around the curve. Its exactly like a bubbler.
  18. I might give that a go....
  19. Yea i do that with my regular sherlock and it works great. And if u do u should put up a vid
  20. hahahahaha... I wouldn't even know where to begin making a video let alone hosting one... this is how you know im too old...

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