M3 or CTS-V

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  1. Which would you buy if there was no slight difference in money.

    Tough to turn away from 550hp+ that the Caddy delivers and I like the interior a little more than the M3.

    But wow..how can you pass on an M3? Tough call for me.
  2. CTS-V of course that shits looks ILL
  3. I'd prolly get a m3 i really like bimmers though
  4. german engineering for sure
  5. M3. Unless you go to the track alot there would be no need for the full potential power of either of those cars.
  6. They're two completely different cars.

    The CTS-V is made to compete with the M5.
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    idk dude , tough call
  8. Get the V.
  9. [​IMG]

    So fucking dope...
  10. You like the CTS-V interior more? It's very plasticy and cheaply made compared to the M3's. The M3 is a little slower around the Nurburgring, but the CTS-V was designed and tested there, so take that with a little grain of salt. I'd rather live with the M3 than the CTS-V, I think it looks better. And if we're talking about coupes, then the CTS-V coupe is down right disgusting compared to the M3.

  11. CTS V has no business being a coupe. That being said id still take the 4 door over the M3. And who really cares how fast a car goes round the Nurburgring? I mean it shouldnt really influence your decision, the m3 is faster around the top gear test track, but the ctsv had a wet lap... If you tried to drive a sub-8 minute lap youd crash and die. Theres way more useful numbers, 0-60, 60-0 lateral g's, power to weight ratio, ect.
  12. I like how no one is acknowledging the fact that these two cars were never meant to be compared, and yet everyone's doing it like they're going to come to an educated conclusion. They're not meant to be compared.

    Try M5.
  13. i saw a cts-v the other day, they'er fuckin ballin so id go with that

    do you actually have the chance to own one of these?
  14. If you can afford a new cts-v then you go for it, just get the 4dr and you can beat up on m3s,m5s,m6s. Plus you wont have to pay overpriced maintenance costs.
  15. Have you ever been in a car?
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    youre right, theyre not meant to be compared. IMHO, no american car can come close to the cars the europe and japan are churning out, when it comes to performance. Ill hand it to you, the mid engined ford gt is far beyond dope. its on a new level of badass. Ive seen with my own two eyes a fresh off the lot ZR1 with temp plates get beaten at the strip by an rb26 180sx. Let the flames commence as im sure there are die hard domestic fans here. but please keep in mind, its just my opinion. :D
  17. M3 Hand downs, I've been in both, (never driven the CTS-V but have driven the M3 a few times) M3 had a much more comfortable interior and a crisper sound system, which is honestly all I cared about, I'm not a fucking race-car driver so I could give a fuck less which is faster..:smoking::smoking:
  18. If you don't care about speed then purchasing an M3 or CTS-V shouldn't even be a consideration.

    If you value comfort, you should definitely be buying something other than either one of those two with super firm suspensions.
  19. Get the m3 if you want a coupe. Get the V for a sedan.

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