M or F?

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  2. Right now I would say female... Those little green hairs at the nodes where the growth tips are, are crossing each other in the 1st and last pic, something I haven't seen on males before... How old is the plant?

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  3. It's about 6-7 weeks old.
  4. No signs of any preflowers?

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  5. I’d guess female but too early to tell. Only 100% way is to see the hairs come out. Shouldn’t be too much longer.
  6. B9A242DA-FD8E-40B5-954B-11B5183F23CE.jpeg Is this a Male plant

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  7. I Bought feminized seeds and 4 out of 40 are male is that NormalThat’s about two weeks in flower would have that fertilized the other plants yet
  8. Whos the breeder thats fcked although it does happen. Shitty genetics if thats the case. Get it out of there asap.
  9. Ok Thanks for the help just pulled them out
  10. Looking at the picts I would take that and burn it now, it dont look like the flowers have opened yet but as soon as they do you will have pollen all over.
  11. Those were from nuke head do you recommend any buddy for seed
  12. I'm thinking of seeding one of my females just to bilk up on seeds myself.
  13. Ive grown: Royal queen seeds, barneys farm, dutch passion, seedsman and dinafem. Zero issues with any of those fem seeds ever being males. Ive had a few royal queen seeds not pop at all though.
  14. Thanks I started with 60 and now down to 34 a lot of them never germinated
  15. That is terrible! How did you germinate them?

    I would expect an 75-80% germination rate, or better from the major breeders.

    I am a noob but I have germinated 7/7 seeds so far, using the cup of water then paper towel method.
  16. I dont even use the paper towel anymore i just leave the seeds in the cup of water until taproot is about half inch long and it goes straight into soil.

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