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M J Poems!Songs ect! Post yours!

Discussion in 'General' started by zonerr, Oct 19, 2003.

  1. Hello Mother,
    Hello Father,
    Greetings from camp Marijuana,
    Crack is good here,
    Pot is better,
    I'm so fucked up I can barely write this letter!!!

    Used to sing that as a kid!
    @ one point when my buddys dad gave us the whole garage as a clubhouse it was a secret passcode!!!

    I hope to read alot more of this kind of thing here!
    So come on grasscity members show me what you got!
  2. pot pot the magical weed
    the more ya smoke
    the more ya need
    the more ya need
    the more you eat
    so smoke that shit!
    then pass to me!!!
  3. Smoking weed
    Doin Coke
    Drinkin Beers beers beers...

  4. marijuana is the fruit
    marijuana is the life
    only when you fly, is the same as getting high
    many think it should be illegal
    some say fuck you in the middle
    the government is full of wackos
    and we keep smoking full throttle.


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