M-Gro Organic soil + fox farms nutes question help!

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  1. the best soil i could find that didnt seem too overloaded with nutrients ended up being what they call organic choice. it says that the nutrients in the soil are as follows.


    i would really like to use fox farms GB. T.B. and B.B. but im a newb to this. Can i still use nutes in this soil? also using fox farms how should i use it? i have the online feeding guide but it seems way overboard. can someone give me a breakdown of what nutes to give when, how much etc if im using this soil? also do you add 2 different nutes to the same gallon if they overlap on the fox farms feeding chart?:confused::confused::confused:
  2. bump bump, need help plz
  3. wait at least 3 weeks before adding nutes or you risk burning the plants. (there are already nutes in the soil) As for quantity, my advice would be start with 1/4 of what they recommend and over a period of a week or two, gradually add more until you reach fox farms recommended dose. good luck.
  4. you can flush the MG potting mix b4 you put any plant or seed into it. if your using a 3 gallon bucket, put the soil in the bucket , then place the bucket in the tub. put about 1 gallon of water through it. wait for most of it to drain out and keep repeating it until you have run at least 10 gallons through it. this will wash some of the ferts out of the soil, but not even close to all of it. i still wouldnt use the FF nutes for about 3-4 weeks though. and when you do introduce it you might be ready to flower already. if thats the case flush it after vegging too. then introduce the FF floweing nutes at a reduced ratio of course. good luck:wave:
  5. use the mg washed soil for vegging. veg it for about 4 weeks. then flush it again. then begin using about 1tbsp of Tiger Bloom and 1/2 tbsp of big bloom per gallon. and if you have the open sesame soluble then use a pinch of that. mix all of them together in about 1 gallon of water. feed your plant what it needs to achieve runnoff. the next time your plant needs feeding should be about 4 days(average plant size with 4 weeks veg). but with this feeding you want to give only plain water w/o nutes(if u use molasses it goes with every watering during flower). then 4 days later give the nute solution. then water. then nutes. its basically what the chart says. thats what i went by and it worked great. i just like to run the beastie blooms a little longer than the chart says.

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