m,an come on guys...

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr.bubbles, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. does anyone here acutaly like me? i wanna know...but i love all you guys and gals...your my family..thats all i have to say... SMOKE A BOWL FOR ME NO WEED DG
  2. i like you. (awkward)
  3. No, I don't like you at all

    HAHAHA, just messin with you. Hell yeah I love you man, we are all a big family. I'd smoke a bowl for you if I wasn't dry, but as soon as I get some I will.
  4. I love ya, dude! Give me a hug!

    jk Don't hug me. I do like your avatar. Best movie ever (at least the beginning, anyways).
  5. your awesome. that post last night that you said hold on or whatever was classic
  6. lol thanks guys...much love to yall in the most on homophobic way...brotherly way..:D
  7. Bubbles man, I don't just like you -

    I fucking love you.

    You're my brother, as is everyone else here in the forum.

    Good spirits go out to all tonight! This bowls for you Bubbles, and every other badass blade here in my second home!!!
  8. thatnks durbam where cottons been? me and him were tight for awhile
  9. i wub you bubbles. your posts make me real excited sometimes.
  10. sometimes........^j^ :)
  11. ok, ok!

    all the time you make me real excited.

  12. heheheheheheheh ^j^
  13. I'm still a GC noob so I dunno if this'll mean much but :love: for you
  14. pink i love you as much as everyone else:)
  15. i like you but then e aggain im trippin bawls rght now so i love allt he lil things
  16. Hahahahahahaha
  17. man ima pop some more xanies heheheheheehehehehehehehe
  18. and who said GC members were mean?
  19. nope i dont like you at all :smoke:
  20. nevermind what i said :p

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