lyrics written in fits of rage

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    i wrote these songs for my band, im in a hardcore punk group.

    keep your fucking paycheck

    im not into this little game you call life
    im sick of being treated
    like a bunch of fucking field mice
    running forward on a treadmill
    success is within our reach
    waiting for piece of pie
    that you said wed get the keep

    i am just a robot to take care of your deeds
    while you just sit there ignoring desperate pleas
    strip me of my pride and my speck of dignity
    keep your fucking paycheck, i will keep my sanity


    imagine how scared he is lying there
    naked, and flailing, and there is no air
    can you even imagine the kind of pain
    you're inflicting on others for your capital gain

    people die in wars and there is no action
    war crimes dont exist, because its done in passion
    kings used to go into battle with their men
    now they are afraid, sitting in their playpen
    twiddling their thumbs, making rash decisions

    their pain is more than a moment of fear
    gunshots are the only thing you can hear
    as their memories flash in front their eyes
    is greed still a motive for the loss of lives?

    is death a possibility?

    the walls keep us from unity
    the invisible lines of nationality
    forsaken are the souls who arent born here
    destined to a life of unjustice and fear
    idiotic pride of men whos minds are plain
    thinking with theirs pockets, wasting their brain
    tyranny ends, we smash your authority
    you fascist fucks will soon be the minority

    like minded people
    will always find a way
    to live and prosper
    to fight another day
    you cannot deny
    mans hostility
    towards what he does not understand
    is death a possibility?

    desolate thoughts

    i look into your soulless eyes
    those desolate thoughts i do despise
    you do not empathize with me
    you think im scum, you're so petty

    the good of man you do not question
    your voice reeks of suspicion
    fear controls your fucking mind
    stay in your cage, ill stay in mine

    god means business you can actually watch us do this one [ame=]YouTube - constant doubt - god means business[/ame]

    if i die before i wake
    i pray the lord my soul to take
    that greedy bastard must really need it
    they say he gave us life, so that that he could take it
    i dont believe in that nazi fuck
    because his views are just so corrupt
    depression, famine, murder and rape
    you think that bastard controls your fate?
    you blind fools thinks hes the only way
    you might as well worship a ball of clay

    god's the reason we cant co-exist
    he rules over us with an iron fist
    he takes your mind and has his way
    now we can give our money away
    you follow his rules but its all fiction
    god started a business and called it christian
    i cant believe they fell for it
    the whole fucking world believes this shit
    its you follow the bible its no surprise
    first youll waste your life and then youll die

    hide the soul (first song i ever wrote!!)

    charles lee ray got shot down
    found a plastic doll just layin around

    a black man taught him voodo talk
    even taught him how to make the toy walk

    about three times he tried to kill andy
    finally gave up and started a family

    had a child and took a wife
    now his movies suck and hes out of my life

    out of my life

    there is no afterlife
    theres nothing after this
    im not living for something
    that doesnt exist

    you cant control my life
    its the only one i got
    im not some fucking peon
    i wont just sit and rot

    when i think about it
    it makes me want to cry
    i wont look back
    and say why didnt i

    you make it so hard to live
    you hold me by my toes
    you tell me thats how it is
    and this is how it goes

    theres nothing i can do about
    so just let it go
    why even bother trying
    its just your life you know
  2. ... you call that music? I'm not talking about any of the lyrics... more the video. To each his own though I guess. If thats what you enjoy keep it goin.

    P.S. I'm not christian/catholic in any way, but your song about God... I think you completely fail to understand the Christian God.
  3. haha, well the music is very experimental, i dont really expect you to like it.

    and i dont care to discuss religion here.
  4. Its all good, like I said to each their own.

    I wasn't trying to start a discussion on religion, just saying that if you're going to write a song, write about things you actually know about. If you don't really know what you're talking about, you just look stupid and ignorant.
  5. yeah... because religion is a fact. not one thing about religion is certain, so really, you're looking like the stupid one here.

  6. i agree in the fact that the type of music isn't my cup of tea, but you also have to remember a few things here: I'm sure the recording's were done far from professional. in fact, it sounds like theres one room mic. combine that with the fact that garage's have horrible acoustics, and you have a recording that sounds severely different than what they were hearing as they played it. it sounds messy and mushy, and that has more to do with the acoustics of the room, coupled with the fact that a room mic is going to pic up those acoustics, rather than the individual sound of each instrument. when my friends record in a small room or anywhere where the acoustics are bad, we make sure to mic up each speaker, and each drum, as opposed to any room mics. now if you're in a big open room, or a room designed for recording/good sound acoustics, room mics work fine. so, gotta give OP some leeway on the audio quality - a lot of times bad acoustics and recordings make the track sound completely different than the actual performance

  7. Actually what certain religions actually believe is a fact. I'm not saying that what they believe is true but you can definitely say they believe x,y and z and it is a fact they they do believe those things.

  8. you said it yourself. there is no true fact when it comes to religion, i happen to think its garbage and a hinder on our species. but you cant think whatever.

    nffloyd: there actually wasnt even a mic, we recorded it on a camcorder so we could get some shows.

  9. thats what i figured, but its the same concept... believe it or not, sometimes the camcorder mics are better than a shotty room mic setup - i've been surprised with some camcorder mic quality... but they usually fall apart at high volumes
  10. I appreciate that you're trying to make music because life without music would be a dismal existance indeed. But ignoring the fact that I don't consider screaming over power chords and a monotonous bassline to be music, I find your 'song' about God to be extremely offensive and the topic of religion and spirituality is clearly one you know knothing about.

    I understand why you'd be upset that people die before their time in ways in unfair ways; it's natural that you would miss your deceased loved ones and feel anger towards the one who you perceive to be responsible for that; in this case, God. But at the same time, you're looking at the world through a human perspective and have trouble accepting the fact that humans are simply mortal animals evolved from Jungle dwelling primates, and there may be other sentient beings in the Universe that are more intelligent and perceptive than people can even begin to comprehend.

    The very definition of the Christaian (and Muslim) God is a being that is all knowing, all powerful and all loving. You don't believe that such a being could exist because you have no experience of it in your own lifetime.

    Wait, you don't believe in Him but you presume to know every single one of His qualites and possess an utterly comprehensive knowledge about the entire way This is contradictory on every level and you don't even seem to realise it. You cannot hate something that you don't believe in. That's like inventing an imaginary friend and falling out with him, then going round telling everyone that he's a prick and the reasons you don't like him.

    As for the 'Nazi fuck' comment...

    Just think for one second about what you're saying... How did God pertain to ANY of those descriptions? Was he born in Germany? Is your argument that God is a German supporter of the third reich and actively participated in world war 2? That He was the instigator and chief executor of the Holocaust when it says countless times in the Bible that the Jews are His chosen people? If God wanted to wipe them out, why would He not simply descend in a chariot of fire with a swastika tattooed on his forehead shooting apocalyptik rays of lightening from his eyeballs at the fleeing Jews?

    You think the first line sums up Gods plan for humanity? Well, even if the suffering and extinction of mankind was His goal, by the very definition of God He would be all powerful. This means he could, again, simply descend from the heavens wreathed in a cloak of flames inflicting unspeakable horrors on all the creatures of the Eath. He hasn't, and He won't, because depression, famine, murder and rape are not a part of His plans.

    What about all the good in the world? What about love and honor? Of courage, companionship and joy? The world isn't all black and not everybody sees life in the same twisted way that you seem to. There are so many good people in the world, and I feel sorry for you that you can't see it.

    I can't even begin to fathom how you could try and posit this as a legitimate argument. You're saying God is secretely a greedy businessman Christianity as a means to make money for Himself? Even if it wasn't for the fact that there have been countless OTHER religions throughout history, by the very definition of God he is all powerful and could create endless sums of money at the click of a finger if He wished to.

    Money is a human concept designed to form one of the integral components of an ordered society. If there was no currency, there would be no order. People would simply take what they want because it would have no physical value. People would have to hunt for themselves because they could not buy food. People would not be able to hire skilled craftsman to perform countless services such as building, plumbing, repairs, engineering, translating etc etc etc. That would mean that EVERYONE would have to do EVERYTHING themselves. THAT IS WHY MONEY IS NECESARRY and complain about the system about it as much as you want, but believe me, thinks would be unimabinably worse if there wasn't one. Have you ever heard of Sierra Leone? Imagine the whole world being that fucked up.

    For this reason, God would NOT create a business called Christianity that operated on the Earth 'enslaving your mind' through scriptures and church sermons. Even if He did it wouldn't be a very profitable business in this day and age would it? Let's face it, how many Americans and Europeans believe in God? Not very many thanks to Charles Darwin and a golden age of technology.

    Seriously man, you need to have a long hard think about the implications of your 'song' before you even consider performing it or posting the lyrics in a place where other people can read it.

    Even if you don't believe in God, at least think about what you're saying before you splurge it onto paper. The very thing that differentiates humans from other animals is our ability to use reason and logic, so I ask you, where was yours when you wrote these lyrics?
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    hahaha, holy shit. im not wasting my time replying to that.

    if you believed so strong in your religion, you wouldn try to change my mind, you'd just pity me. so go ahead and pity me, and we'll talk about this in the 'afterlife'. then we'll decide whos right or wrong. until then, ill play my way. if god does exist, he'll love me for questioning him and not blindly following some egotistical figure.
  12. The reason you won't bother replying is because you know you can't provide a logically cohesive argument to support your views on God, whereas I can.

  13. the reason he's not replying is because he doesn't want to waste his time dealing with religious fanatics like yourself. like he said this isn't a thread about religion so go preach elsewhere:wave:

  14. really, you do not want to talk about or even mention logic haha.
  15. I'm not a religious fanatic and I'm not preaching. If anything he is preaching far more than I. I wasn't saying anyone should believe in God, believe in what you want, all I was saying was that the lyrics of Gods Business are ridicolous.

    I did Philosophy at college so hearing someone make a retarded comment about Religion or Spirituality is like a mathematics expert hearing someone make a retarded comment about the economy.
  16. [ame=]YouTube - Scary Movie Murder Rap (liderally)[/ame]
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    You are a moron. I don't even know why I'm wasting my time with this response.

    I never said religion is a fact. Like I said, I'm not religious, I believe that theres some form of a higher power, because everything I know tells me that theres always something bigger, and theres always something smaller. What I did say, is that if you're going to write songs, and really this applies to talking about anything, you should know what you're talking about. While almost nothing that religions present are facts, there are many facts about religions. For example, its a fact, that according to Roman Catholic doctrine, there is nothing wrong with being gay. It is also a fact that according to Roman Catholic doctrine, gay acts such as a man kiss another man, unnatural sex, etc. are wrong. There, 2 facts about religion. There are tons more facts, like I can say its a fact that muslims believe in Allah. I can say its a fact that passover is a holiday to celebrate the belief that the israelites were led by God out of slavery. I can state an almost infinite amount of facts about the beliefs, doctrines, and practices of thousands of religions if I really wanted to take the time. What they believe may have no basis in fact, and what they preach might just be beliefs, not facts, but don't fool yourself into thinking that there can never be any facts about religion.

    Now its clear you have some pretty strong anti-religion beliefs. But your belief that religion is a harm to society is just as true as any religion. Its a belief. I'm not going to get into an argument about your views on religion though, because I simply don't care. I just hate it when people try to talk about something that they have no idea about. Take a look at Mr Stoned's posts without the retarded assumption that hes a religious fanatic or trying to start an argument about religion. Hes simply showing you when I'm telling you. You have no idea what you're talking about.

    A true wise man knows that he knows nothing. A true wise man also doesn't speak much about what he doesn't know, except to learn. You need to do a little more learning before you speak.

    Yeah I wasn't commenting on the audio quality at all, like you said in the beginning, isn't my cup of tea. Thats why I threw the "to each their own" into my post to make sure he knew that I wasn't really trying to insult anyone.
  18. Wow bro.
    What was your intentions posting your writings on the internet? I'm genuinely curious. Because I hope it wasn't to gather praise.
    With that said, It amazes me that people do things like this. You realize that even if your shit was fan-fucking-tastic people are still gonna tell you it could be better. I mean, man, what are you thinking? I'm not even sure where I'm going with this.

    But bro, if you want my honest opinion, (If you don't stop reading now...) you're lyrically untalented. Writing songs (Real, Strong, Songs) isn't easy. I don't see how you can just throw shit together like than then lay it over top of a 4 note riff, start yelling and call it a song. You're lyrics are weaksauce bro. Song writing is an art. Just like anything else in this world. If you want to do good things you've got to put in the time and effort to know what you're at least dealing with. You have to develop skills through practice. I don't see how people don't understand these things.

    Anyways man, you should probably quit smoking reefer altogether.

    **Mr. Smiley Face- You greatly overanalyzed this. Just take it for what it is... It made sense in it's own weird, little way. And you know this, you were just out to make a point.
  19. well i might not be good, but im certainly not going to stop, that would be stupid. i enjoy it, talented or not. who knows, i might even improve with practice! im just saying what i know. i dont really care much about art, i dont see music as an art as much as a way to vent. punk rock, ya know? i guess i shouldnt expect you guys to understand. a punk forum would be more appropriate. but im not really negatively affected by peoples opinions, so lay it on.

    i dont understand your quit smoking statement.

    so then you understand that this applies to you and other religious people too right? trying to shut me up, trying to mute my opinion huh? yep, sounds like religion alright, hahaha.
  20. That's a great attitude bro. You couldn't have said it better. More Power to you!

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