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  1. well I thought this might be interesting...*right now* this is how Im feeling...although, tomorrow Ill might throw something else up here...but g'head..throw some lyrics up from a fav song etc, to tell how you feel right now..!

    Less than Jake, 107~
    Unless you could see inside my head,
    you couldn't possibly understand
    I'm happier when things are falling apart at the seams
    and you'd never know just by looking at me
    and I'm strung out on the future
    and burnt out on the past
    sometimes I'd rather just burn this place right to the ground
    And y'know it just may be me
    but the parking lot with all those creeps
    keeps me convincing myself I'm completely sane
    with sleep over rated
    and my ideals outdated
    I know that I wouldn't have it any other way
    and I can't explain what this place races through my mind
  2. if i where a carpinder
    id hammer on my plank
    then id collect the 7 dollars
    and id buy a big
    prostetic forhead
    and where it on my real head

    if i where smart
    id save up for a pieace of string
    and a rock to wind the string arround

    some one in this town
    is trying to burn the playhouse down
    they want to stop
    the ones who want a rock to wind a string arround
  3. do you care if i dont know what to say
    will you sleep tonight or will you think or me?
    will i shake this off, pretend it's all ok
    that there's someone out there who feels just like me.
  4. When you look at the morning sun
    Do you see what I see
    Or could I be the only one
    Seeing just what I need

    I envision a different man
    Than the one i've become
    Pray the ocean will understand
    That my time isn't done

    Everyone's leading
    But nobody's dancing
    You stand on the stage
    Just to turn all alone
    I have waited this way
    For a lifetime of days

    I can't wait for the morning sun
    As I stand with the sea
    And the ocean she understands
    Just the man I could be

    Somewhere else there's a different world
    With a sun that will rise
    And a moon that will take its place
    In another man's eyes

    And perhaps it's a better world
    Than the one that I see
    Or if better for no one else
    Perhaps better for me

    Here in the dark where the sky shows its
    Revealing each star while the moon plays the fool
    Saying how it must be while the night disagrees

    I can't wait for the morning sun
    As I stand with the sea
    And the ocean she understands
    Just the man I could be

    No, no, time doesn't wait for you
    No, no, leave it alone
    No, no, your days are far too few
    This thing I have always known

    When your time is uo it's too late
    They never give another day to you

    When your time is up it's through
    No one cares how

    Can't keep it
    Can't save it
    Can't take it away with you
    So I say we use it now

    Now his thoughts gave way to anger
    And he loudly cursed at fate
    That in a world of opportunities
    That he was doomed to wait

    That his life could be predestined
    To be stuck here on this shore
    He could not make himself believe
    That there was nothing more
  5. guess who got back in school?! I DID! woo woo.. just got back from the school board meeting.. :).. im so happy.

    deftones- back to school..
    Who ruined it? You did! Now grab a notebook and a pen
    Start taking notes, I'm being everyone who's on the top
    You think we're on the same page - but, oh we're not!
    I'll be the man, watch your backpack and the pencils
    Just like he now flippin it, why you just keep it simple?
    You just can't go wrong rocking' the clothes
    Coppin' the stance
    'Cause really is everything that you got!
    Push back the square
    Now that you need her but you don't
    So there you go!
    Cause back in school
    We are the leaders of it all
  6. Godflesh - Wake

    Nobody's right if everybody's wrong (X2)
    You can't see white if you won't see black (X2)
    Empty shell, Shallow Skull
    Your fight lost, There's no other way
    I'm held back, Wake
    I'm held back, But I'm awake
    The body sleeps as the mind destroys
    I'm not you, Never will
    I'm held back, Wake

  7. aw im so happy to this post surface again...right now theres chaos in my head...but I wll, and I ope you all will keep it alive...I had all the love, music, feeling intentions here with this thread....ill be back in the def post one. ;) thanks all. ;)
  8. sink down sink down

    down down

    to the bottom of the river

    sink down sink

    down down

    to the bottom of the rivr sink

    you wanna know what its like

    you wanna know what its like to hate

    when it way down deep inside

    i rue the pain

    rulers of the night

    ruined my salvation

    ruined my mind

    well i stood right up in the hart of hell

    ill never tell

    i stood right up in the hart of hell

    im never gonna tell

    tell tell tell

    im ne ne never gonna

    tell tell tell tell

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