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  1. I've just been chillin on the river all night just thinkin and listening to some Rebelution on my iPod. Ive just started to notice that in most songs I actually don't listen to the lyrics as actual words, but more as another instrument to the song. Unless its a song focused around the lyrics like some rap and of course now Rebelution and maybe some others as well like old classics. Is music just not the same anymore? Do any other people experience this kind of thing?
  2. no. I listen to mostly rap music. it's ALL about the lyrics for me. if a song doesnt please me lyrically, then im not going to listen to it again. of course I definitely appreciate a hot beat and all, but what's a nice beat with whack lyrics?

    I listen to a wide array of rappers. eminem is my all time favorite. I also love lupe fiasco, kanye west, pusha t, jay-z, ras kass, method man, biggie smalls and many, many others. those are just a few that i can think of off the top of my head, probably because i listened to them recently. rap music gets a bad rep from some people because of the type of rap that is widely publicized. obviously the catchy hooks and catchy beats are played a lot more because they're, well.., catchy. unfortunately, the level of lyricism in this type of rap music is very low, which leads some people to think that rap music takes no talent or its simply bad music.

    I wish I could introduce kendrick lamar and nas's music to people who think that rap music consists only of french montana and future. some people are just close minded. other people simply don't like the music. to each his own
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    Don't get me wrong I do like some hip hop just depends on the type of mood I'm in at the time I guess. Mackelmore's positive feel and lyrics I will definitely understand and listen to because its more lyric based and snoop dogg's smooth style makes me chuckle at times with his somewhat poetic humor. But some artists with the overly used auto tune just drowns it out and making it more as an instrument. I feel a lot of the rap out there it's just hard to understand what they're actually saying. Passion pit stands out in my mind where I absolutely love their style and sound but half of what they say us hard to understand but whatever they're saying flows and just more accents the other instruments IMO

    Edit: mackelmore's "same love" definitely comes to mind as a song that has lyrics that stand out. Also a great song

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