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  1. spit a sick lyric from the song your listening to

    Wu-Tang- Protect Ya Neck

    I smoke on the mic like smoking joe frasier the hell raisa, raisin hell with the flava, terrorize the jam like troops in pakistan, swinging through your town like a neighborhood spiderman, so i, tic toc and keep ticing while i get you flippin off the shit i'm kicken, the lone ranger, code red, danger....,
  2. Love Wu-Tang.

    And I was listening to Wiid by MC Chris earlier, and when he said "I'm the sativa cyborg" I knew what he meant for the first time lol. I didn't have any idea what sativa (or half of the other terms) were until I joined GC.
  3. bustin on the Lynch here on this one

    from Liquer sicc

    And im out in ' 65 hardtop impala lookin for that 187
    there we go and right behind em bustin wit my mac 11
    straight bumpa to bumpa 12 gage pumpin was that little X loccsta
    givin up his set and dumpin on *****s just like hes supposed ta
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    I wanna run for president, and the focal point when im campaignin is to send FEMA to work on a plantation at camp david,
    Demand payments for New Orleans with the bestest swordsman, launchin missiles at the white house while Techs performin,
    All the mornin i just lettem burn till deaths confirmed, laid to rest with worms or otherwise theyd never learn,
    Ill form a cooler temp with anthrax through the feds, from out the package i got in the mail that you just sent,
    But i gotta better punishment for these republicans, id lettem live so they can see us overthrow the government, lets fuck with them, have the first lady beat me off, till my semens launch and then i skeet across her face like peter north,
    and i wont leave a doubt what we about when i cream her mouth, or leave a drout bleedin out on condaleecas couch, ill seek this rout without regrets, than ill drink a brew and think of you, because if its the last fuckin thing ill do ill pay you back.
  5. my name ain't bic but i keep that flame
  6. allow me to reintroduce myself...

    my name is hov, h to the o-v
    i used to move snow flakes by the o-z:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:

    let me show you dudes what i do to protect this:
    shoot at you actors like movie directors
  7. relax and take notes, while i take tokes of the marijuana smoke
  8. Me and the devil share chronic blunts
    My life - The Game
  9. smokin blunts in the project hallways, shootin dice all day
  10. got up next mornin' and i grabbed that gun
    took a shot of cocaine and away i run

    cocaine blues - the man in black :D
  11. Neglect it for now, but yo, it gots to be accepted -- that what? That life is hectic..

    Wu-Tang - C.R.E.A.M.
  12. I SHOT THE SHARRIFF!!! - Bob Marley

    So so good. :smoking:
  13. Hooked up to plugs and wires while dogs sniff for a powdered substance
    In a town of judgements with glass house development
    Cookie-cutter Republican school-book intelligence
    They aint never considered how just one rock, could crack the whole facade now they call the ski slingshots
    I will not meditate on the sermon
    Heaven's gate is burning so we self-medicate with bourbon

    Sage Francis - Going Back to Rehab. Dude's a genius.
  14. Wake up in the morning got the yearning for herb
    which loosens up the nouns, metaphors, and verbs
    And adjectives, ain't it magic kid what I'm kicking
    Multi-flavored bags of sess, for the picking
    So listen to the izm as it talks nonstop
    Hawaiian when I'm rhymin but so is the chocolate thai
    Now the high, starts to settle
    Kickin fat lyrics that rocks, like heavy metal

    Hakim's part in Mad Izm - Channel Live ft. KRS One
  15. Army of the Pharaohs - Dump The Clip = Youtube

    3rd verse:

    Celph Titled!
    I can't see y'all from where I'm at
    I like the smell of napalm in the morning while I'm eating my Apple Jacks
    My battle axe acts as a last resort death kill
    Quarantine your city, it's about to be a lead spill
    Faggots better (FALL BACK)
    Said I ain't got (RAW RAPS)
    Fuck made you (DOUBT THAT)
    Fuck boy (I'M ALL THAT)
    Arrows with explosive tips
    I'm about to get real ill on some Ill Bill 'Coka Nostra' shit
    That's gritty and gangsta
    Vinnie, pass me a banger
    I'll abort you little sports with a rusty hanger
    Parker Brothers say my name, y'all start to stutter
    Slicing pussies, I'm a certified carpet cutter
    Me with your wife, that's (AUTOMATIC HUMP-ACTION)
    Laundry mat thug passion, we wash bundles there
    Keep a gun tucked in the motherfucking Snuggles bear
  16. South Park Mexican

    "Why when I'm not high, does my mind feel like it's missing something? I know that I must be high so that I can function.."
  17. "What good is all your money when there's nothing left to buy?"
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    I don't practice Santeria,
    I ain't got no crystal ball
    Well I had a million dollars but I'd,
    I'd spent it all

    new song

    So run away if you wanna stay,
    'cause I ain't here to make ya, oh no
    It's up to you what you really wanna do,
    spend some time in America
  19. Big Noyd on Mobb Deep's Right Back At You

    My little thug's selling drugs and he's struggling
    The game got him bugging, I tried to tell him slow down cousin
    But he vexed and *****z getting wet up in the projects
    But wit no doubt, shorties out for his respect
    But is his brain insane from the lye
    From smoking that 118 ?chiny tye?
    Why, a ***** just died last week
    As he swore he was growing, he's a thug in the street
    But it's like that, my crew pump cracks and we pack mac
    His eyes is wild wit the rezzy monkey on his back
    But I'm stressed and he need to be blessed
    Wit a firepack, don't even go there cuz it ain't like that
    Slow down baby, he said, what, you trying to play me
    You must be crazy, pulled out the heat and almost blazed me
    Then he was Swayze, the shot must of dazed me
    Thug's selling drug, busting slugs, but he ain't crazy

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