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  1. I have a thread called which is very random but it's about people's personalities, actions online and how addicted some can get and what it can do.

    One of the main things that happens very often on the internet is lying, it is so easy to lie. 80% no one will find out and if they feel like you're lying, they still wont bother calling you out unless they're sure.

    So seriously guys, we have all lied about things in our lives on these forums. Many of you guys would like to go back and delete some of those lies and make them right, so here is your chance.

    You can't go back an delete a thread and you never find the time to admit it and so let's do it here.

    I don't lie btw when i first joined i exaggerated but never lied.

    I remember when i joined, my "username" had absolutely nothing with me or what i have done.

    I also remember saying a story about blowing a hose into a girls ass. many have called me out and said i was lying but what's shocking is that i wasn't i just exaggerated about the shit flying out.

    I also lied about my age, A LOT!! I'm over 18 atm hahaha defiantly over 18 but i still did a few years back because i felt like the maturity on these forums are too high for me to keep up with and so i had to act older so i can fit in :D

    Come on guys any confessions?
  2. I've lied about my weight, but I do that to people's faces.

    I'm not fat, but the number just sounds fat. Hahaha.
  3. hahaha I've seen you and you're sassaaay!!!
  4. Isn't this thread exactly like the Grasscity confessional? Not tryina kill your thread though AT just sayin' hahha.

    My title says Ferret Expert, but in reality I'm not an expert, but I do know quite a bit.

    But I am a King :devious:
  5. Hahaha i thought about that actually, it is different because it is not a general confession though.

    grasscity confessionals are usually personal not online, this is only inside grasscity.

    I was about to delete the thread :laughing: i will give it till i come back and if so i will delete it no problem :)

    thanks you for the input man
  6. I admit that i am an awkward and shy person in real life and in no way i come off as outgoing or confrontational as I seem here. :wave: :smoke:

  7. Lol so am I man. I'm VERY shy and in RL, our conversation on your thread would of never happened lol
  8. [quote name='"Weasel King"']

    Lol so am I man. I'm VERY shy and in RL, our conversation on your thread would of never happened lol[/quote]

    Hahha ya probably not lol :smoke:
  9. I've lied about how awesome I am.

    I'm actually a lot more awesome.

  10. I can totally see that now that you mention it :laughing:
  11. I lied about my age when I joined I was mainly a lurker back then anyway... I turned 19 on thursday actually :smoke:

    Anyway, I don't think i've ever lied on here honestly... not that I can think of anyway :confused: Ya' got me.
  12. I'll be honest, I've never lied on grasscity. I've been totally honest about how sometimes a I feel depressed and unsatisfied with my life.
  13. My title says Paranoid Parrot, and I'm not a parrot, but I highly relate with the meme.

    I haven't lied about much on here that I can recall, I'm less incognito than most.
    Also I'm not errrywhere, I just don't want to tell you where I am. Figure it out if your into all that ;)
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    I never used to say where I'm from or where I'm living.

    I was born in this little island in the middle east and lived there my whole life before moving around. I always thought people would be racist if i say that I'm 100% Arab, Arabic is my first language and I'm so proud of it.

    I have faced some racist moments and so i changed my location and stopped mentioning it.Until i moved to the states (few months back), got home sick and so i have been mentioning home all the fucking time now on these forums hahhah might get annoying:)
  15. One time I said mine penis was above average. In truth it is only average... Two inches longer isn't such a lie is it?:confused_2:
  16. I feel no reason to lie because I know most people on here are cool and won't judge me in a harsh manner.

    Even if somebody does, who cares? it's the internet :)

  17. One time I said my penis was above average in girth.

    In truth it is above average.
  18. Ok guys, sorry. I was bullshittin ya. I dont actually smoke weed.
  19. lying online must be tougher than real life

    if somebody says some b.s, a dozen people can google it in 5 minutes :laughing:

  20. He meant like lying about yourself.

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