Lying about his name..

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  1. I go by my middle name and most people I meet wouldn't know it. When I first started dating my wife she probably didn't know my first name for several months or more.

    Its not like I intentionally don't tell people that I go by my middle name, you just forget and don't think about it just like most people probably don't think about their middle name that often until it comes up. Most of the time it comes up in conversation when a friend asks what my middle name is, and then I have to explain it.

    I prefer my middle name thats why I choose to go by it, but my parents called me by my middle name since I was born. It is a tradition in my family, all the men go by their middle names.
  2. You put to much importance on another person, that is a product of a small mind.

  3. haha, This doesnt seem like a lie.

    If he MADE up a name (something I do often when I'm not too sure of the girl) then it would be something diff.

    He gave you a REAL name, his middle =]. and when you asked for his last name he gave it to you.

    It seems like hes given you what you've asked for, seems like youre analyzing this waaaay tooo much. Cut him some slack before you lose a pretty smart and inventive cookie over some dumb girl shit
  4. and this is why girls get left behind by guys and cry themselves to sleep at night wondering what they did wrong.

    stop being a fucking stalker.
  5. well, you've moaned his name already...
  6. Ok let me get this straight did you check the sex offender registry before or after you moaned his name? Also if he is a teacher do you think he would have been convicted of said crime giving his profession? People use there middle names in my family I'm called by mine because me n my father have the same name! Now what gets me is that u waited 6 months to find out about this guy :confused: so why all of a sudden do you want to know his background don't you think you should have known it before he arrested you out? I'm just sayin!!

  7. I wish he were joking about wanting me to have his baby but it's just something he wants. He wants more kids. I just didn't understand the concept of a man not knowing a woman all that well but still wanting to have a baby with her, which is why the possibility of him being a child predator came to mind.

    I'm not sure what picture you're seeing here because I didn't say anything about love. We aren't even in a relationship. He's a booty call.. You don't fall in love with booty calls.. and I've only known him for about six months.

    ..Says the child predator?

    Get real, the internet is the information highway. I think it's silly not to use the resources you're provided with if you have questions.


    He teaches college, I didn't know if that made a difference.

    And I was a little curious about him at first but all our relationship was supposed to be was sex.. so I put that curiosity aside. Lately he's decided to bring up this kid thing and that kinda sparked it back up. I wanted to know what kind of man just wants to have a baby with someone he hardly knows. :confused_2:

    Anyways, I see where you all are coming from with the middle name thing.. I guess he could be used to always being called by that rather than his first name, that's cool. My thing is that when I introduce myself, I always say my real name and in the same sentence tell them they can call me by my nickname.

    after a few days of thinking, I realize that none of this even matters and I don't care either way.. Thanks for the insight.

  8. What a load of american bullshit
  9. I dunno, taking time to actually step away from the problem and actually think about it seems pretty smart.
  10. you is gettin played hunny
  11. This story just screams weird. From both parties
  12. no one has ever called my sister by her first name, she goes by her middle name.

  13. I think so too... just can't figure it out. His intentions.
  14. well plenty of people go by their middle name.. you shouldn't consider it 'lying.' maybe he has a reason? it never hurts to ask.
  15. gee, i wish i could find a friend i could just fuck

  16. Internet booty call hook-up...
  17. Eh, my husbands family call him by his middle name, his grandfathers name is Robert, his fathers name is Robert, his name is Robert ... only the middle names are different.
  18. I believe in being very frank and ernest with women. In Illinois I'm Frank and in Michigan I'm Ernest. Good thing you stepped away, sounds like a casual fling among friends is getting a little carried away when the, having kids thing comes up. Unless he was hoping it would turn you off. It works y'know.

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