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  1. I've been seeing this guy for some time.. not very long but long enough for him to form this idea in his head where he would like to have a kid with me. Granted, I'm not going to have his baby but he wants us to have a future.. I don't think we've known each other long enough or know one another well enough to come to this conclusion but he has for some reason.. :confused: Men.

    Anyways, yesterday I ask him his last name.. after however many months of not knowing it. He told me and automatically, I google him. Can't find anything.. So I look up the school he teaches at and search his last name. Turns out, I've been calling him by his middle name but wasn't aware of it nor did he mention that it wasn't his first name..

    Now, I've moaned this name during sex.. I've called him this name for almost half a year.. Do I confront him? And has anyone ever dealt with anything like this before?
  2. It depends how creepy he will find your googling of him.
  3. Some people prefer being called by their middle name as opposed to their first name. Ask him one day for his FULL name, more than likely he should tell you.

    I mean I have asked new acquaintances their full name and they are more than willing to share. I use it as a topic to talk about more like.
  4. I know a bunch of people who go by their middle names. I don't think it's a big deal.
  5. You've been together for 6 months and didn't know his full name? :confused:
  6. Why does it matter what he likes to be called?

    Why do people look for trivial shit to make a big deal about?

  7. /thread
  8. If I'm ever using a woman, I never give out my real name, and sometimes the middle name will be just fine.

  9. We aren't together. We're friends..
  10. Lots of people go by their middle name. Its not like he gave you a completely made up name.
  11. you googled him? what did you expect to find? Him being a sex offender? I hope any woman i meet decide to google me, then ater i found out i'd bounce faster than a superball. Seriously though, if you got questions ask him not go off to google.
  12. You cant be mad, youre friends And to him that is his first name He gave you his name That is the name he goes by
  13. 6 months, don't know his last name. And so what if he goes by his middle name? And why the fuck would you Google him, what did you expect to find?:confused:
  14. I think after the whole "Real World" "Dustin" "Gay Porn Doing"

    Ladies are taking initiave to check out the guys now Haha

  15. I didn't expect to find anything. I just wanted to check.. and yeah, I checked him the sex offender registry too. This mufucka knows where I live, I wanted to know if he was a kiddie diddler.

    I didn't find anything bad though.. I just found that he invented a few things that I couldn't even begin to try to understand.
  16. I don't think any of my friends want me to have their children...:confused:

    well maybe :poke:
  17. I have a awesome last name. I have had friends that only knew my last name and didn't know that it was my last name. The longest run without someone figuring I out was 5 years and I broke it cause I didnt realize they didn't know.
  18. I say it jokingly to attractive females. Like... "You should have my babies." maybe thats what happened to OP... :laughing: wouldn't that be funny if she just misinterpreted a joke and fucked up their chances.

    I should quit joking about babies with females. I never thought it could be misunderstood to such an extent that they would think I might be a "kiddie diddler".
  19. haha I've said it too. "Our kids would be so awesome"

    hey smoky :ey: I bet our kids would be pretty rad.
  20. To be honest, i dont know how old you are but it dosnt seem like you got the whole big picture right. What you have here dosnt sound like love to me, so dont strive for it. I mean, u knew him for a year, had sex with him, and didnt know his last name?

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