lw 10/15 venetian or itza circ to 13

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  1. any thoughts i really like both pieces and cant decide if anyone knows of somthing better in the 500-600 dollar range tell me! first post by the way
  2. its all about what you want.

    but id get a sov peyote pillar
  3. I like my luke Wilson 10/15 arm. It's my favorite by far
  4. dude if you know where to get a peyote pillar for 500-600 dollers PM me now :D
  5. wow, the Itza Circ to 13 is 450 at my LSH

    I would go with Itza, just cause thats my new brand for now =)
  6. Mega circ to mega 8
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    right? id buy one in a heartbeat
  8. Well here's my personal opinion. Trees are great and they do a good job of filtering, but even on a high-end piece, two tree sections is too much. A showercap or circ is a lot easier pull and diffuses well, but it doesn't give a nice chug.

    That's why I really love my MGW showercap to 9 arm. The itza should basically be a upgraded version of my tube (better perc and 4 extra arms, better glass). In which case I'd so go for it.
  9. yeah that circ to 13 is 575 on the itza website i dont know any chicago shops. that carry itza
  10. my apologizes. I may have mistaken that piece for a circ to 8 arm then
  11. I have a 7 to 12 and tons of others and the 10-15 wins IMO. I love that thing and I think the newer ones might even be better, I don't know tho

  12. I love the flocks of people who reply to every one of these threads with either pillar or stemline. Sov is hard to find for some people!

    The luke wilson venetian is the toob i'd spend my money on. The design is fairly unseen and personally I find it quite beautiful. But the best part is the angle of the downstem, because its so vertical the slits are evened out and more of those 10 arms than the normal 10/15 will function properly. Image the venetian with a LW/BW disc diffused.... O_O
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    it comes with a disk diffused bowl unless you talking bout a disk perk

  14. Good point. I was thinking along the lines of more heady than a stock bowl haha
  15. i love that tube
  16. I really like the look of the mega circ, but you can never go wrong with Luke Wilson ... He does some crazy shit haha
  17. still dont know.. what has more diffusion you think?

  18. Luke wilson is the best at diffusion, the 15 arm is fused to the bottom of the chamber so the smoke is forced through the slits and it has no drag, and the 10 arm fizzles very nicly
  19. You're going to love either one.
  20. It comes down to this. Do you want a fixed stem? or something with way more risky maintenance. My 15/10's downstem would get extremely dirty very fast. I would have to soak it overnight in grunge off to keep it from getting caked up. That's why I ultimately got rid if it. Lots of stress carrying that beefy 10 arm ds around out of the tube to clean it. A lot of potential for it to break.

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