Lux Repair Inquiry

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  1. So I picked up a double percolated beaker bottom Lux for $50 from a good friend of mine. Unfortunately, upon examining it, the upper percolator of the two is broken. :( The stem of the tree snapped leaving it wiggling in that chamber, cracked at the base of it. I still believe it hits since it is the upper chamber, but is there any way a repair shop could reattach this perc into place?

    Similar to the one shown here:
  2. or just remove that chamber completely for that matter? is that possible?
  3. Nope, sorry buddy, cant really be fixed. Still a great grab for $50
    Dont think they can "delete" a chamber either.

    Your best bet, if youre smart enough to handle it, would be to mangle out the remains of the perc and use it as-is
  4. hard to remove it with teh splash guard up on top. I've read they can heat teh tube split it and replace teh perc in some situations when its a clean break like this. It may cost upward of $100, but I think it would be worth it for a piece of this value. Can anyone confirm or deny this procedure's possibility for sure?

    are actual pictures needed? or can you guys perceive teh break from the description?
  5. just a little update in case anyone was wondering...

    brought it over to dementia to see what they could do. the girl there said it could probably be fixed and that they'd get it to their blower. im still waiting for a quote, but im hopeful from her optimism that they may be able to fix it. :hello:

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