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  1. So i bought a Lux Scientific tube from Greenhouse Glass in richmond the other day ... and the pin is now crooked and the label has moved so that the L now covers the X ... in addition the word LUX has almost completely vanished from the downstem ... the guys at island dyes said it was probably a fake ... the guys at Greenhouse are arguing with me hard core about it ... they also told me that sheldon black and lux are made by the same people .... this really bothered me ... the blowers of SYN pieces were mad about the way greenhouse acted when i told them what happened and i was curious if anyone knew how to get in touch with the manufacturers of LUX Scientific because greenhouse is doing me no good and says the only way to correct this was to get in toch with lux ... they also continued to tell me that they buy direct from lux wich i am 99 percent certain you CAN NOT DO .. if anyone has any suggestions or ideas id be happy to hear them .... i would post a picture of the messed up pin but i dont have it with me and i am currently in the outerbanks and the bowl pack is in richmond ... the pin started off completely straight with a few millimeters between the L and the X that wrap around the pack ... now the pin is curved slightly and the L and X overlap .... there is NO way possible for that thing to have gotten hot enough to bend .. that and im pretty sure that the people at greenhouse are selling fake Luke Wilson down stems
  2. ive got some close friends at Island Dyes aka where all the SYN magic goes on... Beleive what they say..

    sounds like the headshop you listed is full of fakes including the workers.. My shop traded me back a tube that i hadnt smoked out of yet even though I had already walked out the shop with it..

  3. I have owned several LUX scientific tubes as well as Sheldon Black tubes. They are indeed made by the same workshop (Dementia Glass), and they originally made as well (but no longer now ZOB does). Without looking at your tube unfortunately I can almost certainly say it is a fake, the LUX and SB logos, as well as original, are painted directly onto the tube in a quality manner. This meaning, if your tube was real the only wear possible is that the letters would fade away after repeated cleaning and use over a long time like letters slik screened on a t-shirt. The would not slide and overlap at all. You cannot buy directly from dementia unless you are wholesale but the most direct route to ordering is off of medikulture, or SB approved retailers.
  4. go to and see if they are listed under a legit dealer.... they probably arent- and a legit sheldon-lux-roor wouldnt do that...
  5. they are infact an auterized dealer of sheldon black ... but i cant find a list anywhere on the web of autherized dealers of LUX .... nor can i find a page to do with lux .. or anything about lux online at all for that matter
  6. Ok, you have some misinformation. First, Roor is now being made by Natural Expansion not Zob. Second, the labels are baked on in the kiln, not painted, so they do not rub off.

    OP, i'm having a hard time understanding what you mean by the "pin" on the label, post some pics. I have yet to see a fake lux, but i would like to see what you're working with. Get in contact with Dementia and ask them, because my Lux has been used almost everyday for nearly a year and it has no flaws, no fleabites, no fading. Same goes for my SB and dementia
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    My friend bought a piece once, but he didn't know and was duped by the headshop as they insisted it's legitimacy. So, one day he dropped by my place to show it off and I said, "Fake." He then began to keep denying it and arguing with me which was expected as this was basically the initial signs of going through the stages of denial. Soon after he dropped to his knees, looked up towards the ceiling and shouted "Why!" His whole body then just collapsed to the floor where he was crying so hard like I had died or something, so with that I had no other choice but to pick him up, walked into the bathroom and with all his clothes on I threw him in the cold shower where I then slapped him and yelled, "Pull yourself together!" 20 minutes later sipping on not so hot tea and smoking a cigarette sitting out in the yard with his cold soaking wet clothes still on and with his dried and bugged out eyes from all that crying like a little girl, he was passed the stage of acceptance already. Alas! He was calm and collected again! Where so I then told him, "We're going back, bring the receipt!" (This is one of countless of reasons to save your receipts kids.) and his eyes instantly filled with hope and life again, so he then went back to the headshop but with me this time around we brought the fake piece back and we left with a well known brand and for 33% off the retail/online price with the addition of the first piece price shaved off the total price. We got the discount based on the reasoning that the first transaction was basically a scam which is obviously not right, it destroyed my friends trust for anything and that not everybody is stupid like my friend. My point is, don't take shit, and if you're kind, honest and present yourself calmly but firmly and well on point you can get anybody in life to listen to you.
  8. #1) Should have gone to Kulture.
    #2) Lux IS made by the same people that make SB, who also own Grunge Off, and also sell all their products in competition with all their retailers on their own website
    #3) Go back to #1, plus they give GC members 10% off.

  9. Hmm i wonder where you work. haha

    Yes SB and LUX do sell online. But at higher prices than any shop ive ever seen them priced at. So its not like its hard for any retailer to still sell them. Ive got lots of SB that is all locally bought. Even though it was available for me online. It was easier, and cheaper to get from LHS.

  10. I can tell you where I don't work, I can tell you where my friends do though. Well the SB website was less expensive when they started.

  11. Beat me to it

    But I heard the new roor tech line is mqde by zob but idk.

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