Lurkers First Grow. Advice?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bdotwells, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. i decided to do hydro. I know its really complicated and i don't really know why i chose to. RumpleForeskin made it look so easy! Ambitious decision. Wish me luck. I've been reading up for a while on every aspect of growing. so heres what i have so far.


    LIGHTS: I plan on putting 4 26watt, 6500k cfl's in those two lamps (which i just realized are too small to hold 2 bulbs each, but i'll figure it out). This is just for vegetation. Haven't thought about flowering yet.

    REFLECTIVES: On the walls is emergency blanket. I was too anxious to order and wait for mylar so i put it in there. Hopefully heat wont be too much of an issue. I put a thermometer in there and im going to leave it closed overnight to see what the temperature is in the morning.

    CIRCULATION: as you can see, i have nothing to move air around in here, but by the time i start growing i plan to have atleast a CPU fan for intake and then an inline fan+ carbon filter when it gets older.

    THE BUCKET: has no pump or airstones in it yet. I dont know if i should make another outlet hole for my hydro system or just run the wires through the hole i made for my lights wires. Any suggestions?

    What do you guys think so far? Any advice? Let me know what you think. What would you guys suggest as far as a strain? Im thinking ak47. And considering LST'ing.
  2. Get some of that white roof sealer and coat the hell out of the bottom. It needs to be water proof. I would have painted the whole inside with it before putting in the mylar.
  3. ah shit of course, i suppose i should put a basin in there too?

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