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  1. one of my favorite lupe tracks.

  2. YES ALL I CAN SAY IS YES, lupe is the man, i could listen to him all day, so glad to see some lupe love in the city. my personal favorite by lupe, a lyrical mindfuck that outlines the evil in this world, a beautiful masterpiece of words so rightfully strung together.

    [ame=]YouTube - Lupe Fiasco - Put You On Game (A Scanner Darkly)[/ame]
  3. [ame=]YouTube - Dead Presidents Freestyle-Lupe Fiasco[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Lupe Fiasco- The Champ Is Here[/ame]
  4. i love lupe but sometimes i feel like hes a lil bit of a bitch

    its like dude..u signed to a major label..n u want 100 creative control?!?!
    just face the fact u got fucked.. put out a couple cd's to free your self up, then use all that god given talent and give us fans what we really want
  5. [ame=]YouTube - 11 Lupe Fiasco - Touch The Sky mixtape - Tilted Pt 3[/ame]
    listen to it, LISTEN TO IT NAO
  6. He's a good rapper but he's so full of himself, I get that vibe that he thinks he's way smarter than everyone else.
  7. lupe is all that rolled up in to one

  8. Yea, but you don't think other rappers feel like that?

    I mean they have to be pretty egotistical, with all the people they surround themselves with and they way fans drool over them..
  9. yea saw him and B.O.B at the house of blues this summer.

  10. open your eyes he is smarter than most of these rappers

    if you notice all the most talented rappers are actually smart

    lupe included, listen to his lyrics... regular rappers cant compare and regular listeners cant comprehend

    lupe is underrated

  11. I think all rappers, athletes and people like that need that confidence, the mentality that they're the best at what they do but there's a fine line between that and thinking your the smartest guy in the room.

    Lupe is to arrogant for what little he's accomplished.
  12. Cheeeecaaago maayne.

    You Lupe fans will understand :cool:
  13. lol arrogant? how is he arrogant? the only arrogant song i can think of he has is Superstar, and that's not even him saying he's the best. that's just him talking about the Superstar life. how is he arrogant?

    and what little he's accomplished? sorry, but just because he gets barely any radio play (if any at all, i don't know), Dumb It Down, or doesn't throw out a shitty mixtape every two months (wayne) doesn't mean he's accomplished little. Lupe's a beast. he's one of the greatest rappers out there and his songs prove it well.

    [ame=]YouTube - "Dumb It Down" - Lupe Fiasco (Music Video)[/ame]
  14. Lupe is definetly one of my top artists in the hip-hop music scene right now.

    One of my favorite verses by him, skip to 2:44 to hear Lupe.
    [ame=]YouTube - Spraypaint & Ink Pens - Fort Minor[/ame]

  15. in terms of accomplishment i think he means money, and if i do believe lupe is not in it for the money, he has something to say, he sees the problems of our society and tells of them thru his lyrics, sorry that doesnt bring in the money because a buncha high school boys an girls dnt care about drug addiction and violence in their communities or the corruption in industry, they have better things to do like worry about wat to wear to prom or how many facebook friends they have. lupe is a lyrical mastermind something wayne will never accomplish mumbling (i wuldnt call the garbage he spews out his mouth rap,ever) about his fuckin bling and his whip or how much sizzurp he sips on. so as far as im concerned lupe has accomplished FAR more than most rappers will ever, dnt believe me listen go read every lyric on the cool, and then come back with a valid arguement, ill wait a long long long time.

    "the worst thing you can do in this world is lead people astray" -Lupe
    whens the last time wayne said something so profound and intelligent that spoke to the positive advancement of our society?
  16. sucks that i can't +rep you again.
  17. that wasnt for the rep haha, not everyone may like lupe but at least respect him. its just a shame that nowadays hip hop is about how much money u make, how many albums u sell, or if u drop a shit mixtape every week. enough of me rantin thou im just gonna go back to my headphones and a truely great rapper. (if i recall lupe climbed mt killamanjaro with a few notable ppl in support of his buddy kenna and clean water, lets see weezy climb a mountain haha thatd be entertainment)
  18. I agree 100% with the past few posts. He deserves to be arrogant, his lyrics are some of the most intelligent and enlightening. If you can't get passed that then you need to find a new genre of music because he has accomplished what ever rapper dreams of.

    Money isn't a big deal to him, and he says it over and over again, that's the reason why he is probably going to retire after Lasers drops, and rightfully so, go out on a high note. A lot of rappers now a days milk it for everything, as much of a man crush that I have on eminem, he is beginning to reach that stage. All the greats like pac, biggie, guru went out before they had the chance to put out anything bad...lupe realizes this, he's just lucky not to die.

    I'm gonna be bold here but....Lupe is a top 5 lyricist ever, that's just me though. one of the realest to ever pick up a mic
  19. i LOVE the way he put his stories together with such nice wordplay
  20. new single off lasers came out a lil bit ago, thoughts ppl? it keeps growin on me and i love the fact that his first verse off his first single is against his label for holdin him back, cnt wait for march 8th!
    [ame=]YouTube - Lupe Fiasco - The Show Goes On [OFFICIAL AUDIO][/ame]

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