Lupe fiasco mixtape: Friend of the people

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  1. Lupe is dropping a new mix tape tomorrow (Thanksgiving) and I can't wait to hear it, especially after hearing LASERS! I hope he goes back to his old roots, and this will tell us if he sold out or LASERS was the way it was because of Atlantic (which is what I am thinking)

    Can't wait. I'll post all the tracks probably tomorrow if they're up on youtube. Did anybody else here of this?
  2. I hope it drops 12:00am midnight.
    Highly unlikely though, but yeahh i want to hear this.
  3. lupe is illuminati
  4. The mixtape is some trash.

  5. I haven't even had a chance to listen yet. Better or worse than Lasers?
  6. Worse. It was rushed.
  7. Better than a generic rappers same ol mixtapes. This is dope
  8. Lupe a wannabe ass
  9. Ha, a wannabe ass? a wanna be of who?

    This mix tape is kind of lame. I'll give it a few more listens, but this isn't anything like The Cool or F&L, or even his older mix tapes. Still not gonna give up hope on him though, This mix tape is better than anything any mainstream rapper has released. I'll be waiting anxiously for F&L2...

  10. Lupe is mainstream incase you didn't know.

  11. It has been his life long dream to be an ass. But that technology just doesn't exist yet

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