Lupe fiasco challenged the media !!!

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  1. Even if you don't like rap, listen to this song if you question anything about the media.

    this song made me respect this man beyond belief, have nothing to loose and everything to gain from this song.

    [ame=]YouTube - Words I Never Said - Lupe Fiasco ft. Skylar Grey (Lyrics in the Video)[/ame]

  2. You do know gc has a music section, wait nvm guess you dont
  3. How are you at a lynyrd skynyrd concert and on GC at the same time?
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    Laptop ???? cell phone ??? ipod ??? wi-fi does amazing things these days, like deflects an ignorent unrelated answer to my post ???
  5. Yes, i do know there is a music section.

    I posted this in the general threads because i wanted to, just like any other pointless thread that means something to the poster is in here.

    If you want to be a dick to me rather than listen to what i posted than go ahead, your loss, my gain.
  6. dope song, I really feel what hes sayin, but unfortunately, I dont know if everyone else will hop on his boat.
  7. It's a good song but, in my opinion, he doesn't really say anything we didn't already know.
  8. I know but how many mainstream rappers sing about tower 7 and islam.

    this song is amazing.
  9. Heard this like a month and a half ago

  10. i could name about 20 that are fairly well known
  11. Do it, and the lyrics.

  12. that would take too much effort lol.

    mos def

    talib kweli

    immortal technique

    to start
  13. I'm an average guy, like all music with no bias. Never heard of any of those. Lupe is much more mainstream.
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  15. more mainstream than mos def?

    idk bout that
  16. Listen to moar music.
  17. "a team of highly trained monkeys are handling the situation, if you see them show them this information:


    and so op? thats an odd link ya got there.
  18. I use to like him but people started saying that he is anti-semitic
  19. I like it. We need more of this, we are to few..
  20. You haven't heard? Anyone that doesn't support Israel is an antisemite :rolleyes:

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