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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by djkayce, Feb 6, 2002.

  1. (obviously the smoking method mean about)i

    my mate swears by it, but i think its a bit of a hassle.

    for a great quick high i smoke a pipe.

    whats everyones favourite method then?
  2. like i said b4,the bucket!the best,u know it?
  3. Don't really have one- but i do like my pipe as it's quick to use and can be taken anywhere- but if I'm going to know that i'm smoking rather quickly in advance then i will go for a joint- haven't gone for a blunt yet- but i'd like to (JUST FOR THE JOHN "HANNIBAL" SMITH FACTOR)
  4. my chrome medal bowl
  5. knife hits or a gravity bong.
  6. my homemade vaporizer..or big bertha(my 3 foot tall coke bottle shaped bong..yummy!)
  7. there called buckets cause u use a bucket,where the hell does gravity come into it,its all about the sucktion and air and that kind of shit!
  8. We just take an absolut vodka bottle and poke a hole in the side near the bottm and then put a bowl piece in the lid, no bucket required. Just cover the hole w/ your finger, fill the bottle up and then take your finger off the hole while you light the weed then unscrew the lid and take your hit.
  9. yeah, those are called waterfall bongs here, but he has a point about gravity not being involved...but i believe the original name was always gravity bong..not bucket...cuz they were used in bathtubs a long time ago also...sinks....pools... or anything holding a ton of water in it... so buckets wouldnt make sense either if someone never uses a bucket with it
  10. They're called gravity bongs because the "suction" that is generated is from gravity pulling the water back down to the bucket.

    If there were no gravity, the water would just follow the smoke chamber up when you pulled on it, and you’d not be using it for a smoking accessory. :D

    If you want to get technical, there is no suction involved either. Gravity pulls the water down, which reduces the air pressure in the smoke chamber.
    Since fluids flow from highs to lows (pressure, that is) the higher pressure outside the smoke chamber pushes through the smoking bowl, picking up smoke on it's way to equalizing the pressure difference.

    (and yes, air is a fluid.... because it flows)

    I like to use gravity bongs, but they take too long to set up and tear down. I can’t have it on display. :(
  11. YEAH...WHAT HE SAID! lol
  12. We have one we use in the mornings that my friemd just throws in a drawer after were done. It's easy because the bowl piece is the tip from a metal pen flipped around and stuck into the lid so it's even with the cap on the outside and everything goes down inside the bottle so it wont get broken off. :)
  13. I have a method for making a portable gravity/bong..


    stuff you need...

    1. a 2 liter bottle..

    2. a big socket (from socket wrench..) if your's a portable bowl hence portable gravity/

    you can really use anything you want..just make a bowl..

    3.a bread bag..or any other bag....your choice

    4. buds

    as you could don't need much to make this great bong..if you already know this method..sorry..some don'


    1. cut the 2 liter bottle a little less then a regular gravity..but cut alittle less off..

    2. take the 2 liter cap..get the socket/bowl...light the bottom of the socket...till it gets really hot....push it against the bottle cap till it's all the way through the a bowl..if not already, make air tight with your choice of materials. that you have your bowl....take the bag of your choice..and glue/tape the bread bag around the cut part..note..MAKE AIR TIGHT with glue/tape that the bag is securely on the have your portable gravity..


    puch the bread so it's inside of the 2 liter bottle..(always attached to the cut part..just pushed in)

    light your bud in the bowl....and slowly..very slowly pull the bag out of the two liter bottle....Your left with a bag full of highly potent smoke..twist off the cap..and inhale...THIS TAKES VERY BIG RIPPS...NOT FOR THE WEAK AT

    well I'm blazed..didn't mean to post so much..but I think it's a great Idea and everyone should at least try it..

    Happy smokin
  14. BUCKETS!!!!!!!!!

    We call the 'gravity bong' the 'bucket' here. Can't say I've ever heard the term gravity bong! lol Must be a Yank thing!!!!! :)

    It's the method I use anyway. At home that is, otherwise I'll have pipes. My other half has to have bongs and he has to mix his weed with backy. If he can't have it this way he goes without!!
  15. i carry a dugout (one hitter box) everywhere i go, it's my main source of stonededness. used to do gravities or hot knives then have someone give ya a big ass bear hug fer 5-10 seconds. saw colors never seen on acid, hehe.

  16. All the more weed for you
  17. fair do's,call it what you will,i just fell a gravity bong is a shit name,im not trying to piss ppl off,i just dont like it,and i fell to the best way to get the best out of a "gravity\bucket bong"is to use a bucket or something equal in size,ive used a pressure cooker and a lake.dats why i call it a bucket.
    must b a yank thing...
  18. If you don't have your favorite bowl or whatever you want to call it, there is a way to smoke without any wraps either. Huh? Sit tight and read on, we started doin' this years back when everyone involved had forgot to supply smokin' materials. We took our beer can popped of the tab, don't discard it, you break the tab so that you have a sharp object. That done you carefully crush the can to create an indentation on one side, be carefull not to crease the aluminum as this causes air leaks. Don't worry to much if you put one crease, this means that you don't have to make another hole for the carb. If you crush it properly you then poke holes in the indent to create the screen, also put one in for a carb, this is essential. As the suction will cause the can to pop back out causing your precious weed to fly all over. Did it, not a good thing, for many reasons. This is the poor mans way of gettin' high, or the forgetfull/paranoid way, cause when your done tokin' just crush it the rest of the way and discard. no evidence involved except for your smoke, but we all have our fav ways of stashin' that. try it you will always have a bowl if you drink from a can. Any new suggestions to this method would be interesting.

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