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lungs whistleing?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by wak, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. i smoke alot of bong(proberly more than you, whoever you are), and latly i have bin notising whenever i yawn or pull a pong my lung whistle, quite loudly, it feels like resin inside slowly closeing up my lungs, this shit is realy scarin me. dose anyone else get this? alos..... bong burps, after like a gram + hit i find myself burping up smoke for 5-20 mins!!!! normaly depends on the sizedose anyone get this aswel.

    safe. wak

    (sorry for bad wording/spelling, stupidly stoned 1g+ hit not long ago :p)

    off for a mix :wave:
  2. are you swallowing your hits to keep them in longer?

    if so thats why your burping, your forcing smoke down into your stomach (right above actually, into you esophogus) and this causes you to burp b/c the smoke acts as an irritant.
  3. Lemme guess you smoke like a pound of dank every like 30 minutes right?
  4. That's not cool. Try an inhaler, that should open up you lungs a bit, and maybe take a break from smoking. And if you're burping up smoke, then you aren't smoking right.
  5. lmfao that was awesom when i read it.... but i noticed after smoking alot in a weekend that happened to me, i coughed every five mins for a week lol....but it passed, i think its resin on the lungs or sumshit....just my guess tho could be wrong!
  6. i swallow smoke on purpose so after five hits or so i burp it out into my mouth and re hit it
  7. [​IMG]
  8. It's probably just from extra mucus or some tar down your throat. You'll just cough it up and you'll be fine.
  9. Hah nah I was just messing with you. To the OP, do you smoke ciggerates? I do, and sometimes when I get a cold and don't smoke one for a day or so my throat can tend to make some weird noises too.

  10. AHahah
  11. you breath with your lungs? maybe you should learn to breath the right way
  12. No THC left int he smoke by the time your burp it up...

    Wasting weed ftw.
  13. Thats mucus in your lungs, could be the start of bronchitis.

    Might have to go to the doctor and get some antibiotics. I used to always get bronchitis when I was a kid.
  14. Take a break. I get that if i cough a lot, even from like a cold. you have tears and other such damage to your lungs, take a month break, and when you return you will get twice as baked AND not die:smoke:

  15. He's right.
  16. About two years ago i had a similar wistling sound, it turned out i had a bad case of bronchitis. My throat was almost fully blocked with mucus and everytime i took a breath there was a wheeze/wistling sound. I dont know how much this helps considering u would know if u had bronchitis.
  17. well im not coghing but i do wheez whenever i take a deep breath, could that be bronchitis?

    and when i swallow smoke, its never on purpouse its normaly just a massive hit and i think my lungs get full or muscles spazum or something. i dont smoke many cigs but smoke average of proberly 25-30 bong caps a day. people scaring with bronchitis talk now, just wanted to find out if anyone else bong burped often.:p
  18. this guy is correct!!!!!
  19. Either you're lying to sound cool, or you have no social life and need to get out and get a job.
  20. wak, i suggest take it easy on the bong...i used to be doing hookah bowls all day, just pack a hookah, get it going, and just cheif till its gone, then lungs started to tell me to go fuck myself by making me cough myself awake, and barely retaining air....take a break from the bong, and get a little one hitter, take little probably are one of those big time stoners, who just smokes and smokes...take it easy, and space it 100% better, lets your lungs recover, you can smoke less and still be high ya know...

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