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Lung damage

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rob11, May 14, 2011.

  1. Recently I've been noticing a dramatic decrease in my lung health since smoking more regularly using Bongs and spliffs
    I get short of breath easier when running and it takes longer for my breathing rate to get back to normal and my lungs just are getting crappy =P

    Well I'm planing to take a break from smoking both for tests and my health but I was wondering if this is irreversible or if I will get my lungs back to normal by stopping or is there anything else I can do to stop it getting worse?
    Sorry for the kinda long post but I was wondering if anyone could help
  2. Yes, that is a side effect of smoking anything. Your lungs will heal themselves over time once you stop smoking for good. Don't really have to worry about it now though.

  3. are You smoking tobacco in those spliffs? That won't help. In fact you might want to cut out papers all together.

  4. well as said above, smoking anyting is harmful to the lungs, but bongs give fairly dense smoke and spliffs have nasty tobaccy in them (horrible crap to inhale)...

    try a vaporizer instead, or just toke on plain old mj in a joint (light hits, none of that "got to get a huge hit" bullshit, that makes people cough)
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    Yea unfortunately any smoke isn't good for your lungs, but smoke from cannabis is much less harmful, considering that pot smokers inhale much less smoke than tobacco smokers; decreasing the chances of lung problems.

    Some people smoke two packs of cigarettes a day, although the average smoker only smokes about a pack a day. There are typically 20 cigarettes per pack, with roughly 10 drags per cig. If you do the math, 10*20, you get 200. That is 200 inhalations of toxic, harmful smoke to a persons lungs EACH DAY.

    How much does a pot smoker consume? Let's say your average toker smokes 3 times a day, 3 fat bowls. Each bowl is has about 6 hits, so 3*6 is 18. That's only 18 inhalations of smoke, a difference of 182 inhalations. That's a pretty big fucking difference, now do you see why so many people die from cigarettes? 200*30 (30 days in a month) is 6000, thats 6000 inhalations of cigarettes! No wonder people are dying left and right! Cannabis is non-toxic and impossible to overdose from, and it does not cause lung cancer.

    So, smoking cannabis is muuuuch, much more healthier for you as I've demonstrated.
  6. I know weed is better for you but will my lungs heal back to normal in about a month and I don't smoke cigs only use tobacco in spliffs I'm from the uk so it's the norm here
  7. As the others said, any sort of smoke is bad for your lungs. A vaporizer is your best bet, though you can also use a bong if not, however I believe the other best way would be ingesting (eating) it rather than smoking. The lung damage will get better over time, some of it will be permanent but if you're constantly hacking up black shit now it's not going to be that way if you stop smoking for a while. Either smoke less or smoke healthier... or eat :p
  8. Its honestly all in your head. I've been smoking multiple times a day for years and I still run 2-3 miles every day sometimes more. Of course it's bad for you, but your most likely just getting sick or something.
  9. I've noticed the same thing. :( If your smoking tobacco in those "spliffs" then that would be a serious factor. But like others have said smoking isnt good for your lung not matter what it is.
  10. That depends on how much you've smoked before, they won't be 100% recovered in a month, but if you stop smoking for a month there will DEFINITELY be a noticeable improvement in your lung heath.

  11. I would not agree that a "fat bowl" is 6 hits. I get 6 hits out of a half of a bowl. and a full bowl I wouldn't consider a "fat bowl".
  12. Marijauna is 5x harsh to your lungs as cigarettes, but look on the good side, Marijuana doesn't give you lung cancer

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