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lung damage??

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by PotSmoke1769, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. i smoke pretty much every day and i was wondering if stopping smoking weed would make me have a faster mile time or make me ride a bike faster or row a boat better. is the smoking i do THAT bad for my lungs?? will the damage done by smoking get better??
  2. I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. I do have some things to think about though....

    It is true, inhaling any ignited substance into your lungs is bad for you. Any kind of smoke contains carcinogins (cancer causing agents), and tar, and other things that arn't good for you.

    Pot will not hurt you as much as cigarettes. The tobacco (and whatever the hell else the tobacco companies want to add to that tobacco) already contains carcinogins. That's a double-whammy.

    I've noticed, through casual research (using my friends as unknowing subjects), that the ones that smoke cigarettes cough a WHOLE lot more while smoking pot then the few of them that don't smoke cigs. The cigarette smokers don't seem to be able to take as big of hits, either.

    So, all this really says, in short, is that smoking pot isn't good for your lungs, but isn't anywhere near as bad as smoking cigarettes.

    If you're really worried about it affecting your athletic performance, you can either quit, or switch to a different method of ingesting the weed. Cooking with weed is always a good option, and leaves no harmful side effects. But it can be inconvienient. Vaporizing is probably the best compromise for both convience and health. Vaporizing causes the release of the THC, without combustion.

    Many commercial vaporizors are available on the market. They're often bulky, and may need to be plugged in, or eat up batteries. A simple vaporizor you can make yourself involves a test tube (the kind you'd find in a science lab), a lighter, and a straw. Hold the test tube near the top, throw in a bud. Hold the lighter under the tube until the bud releases it's THC vapors (untill a cloud forms inside the tube). Stick the straw in the test tube and suck up the cloud.
  3. had i had the time or the right frame of mind ida said the same thing^^^^^
    i especially love the part about "not a dr, nor do i paly one on tv"
    very good answer to potsmokes question....

  4. any smoke in your lungs is bad for you, i dont know if it will make you run the mile faster but it defintally dosent hurt....lung cancer is one of my biggest fears in life since i smoke so much weed, i also smoke cigs but quit starting today cause im just too paranoid about getting lung mom use to be a nurse so ive seen what lung cancer paitents look like and its a horrible way to live your last yrs on this earth.

    edit: next time i go to my doctor ill ask how about the risks of marijuana and lung cancer....i suggest you do the same , doctors are the ones that really know, not people on a message board.
  5. It's also worth noting that weed contains flavinoids which are antioxidents. Antioxidents destroy free radicals (stray protons, neutrons, or electrons) in your body. These free radicals can possibly cause cells in your body to mutate, and may cause them to become cancerous.

    Other antioxidents:
    Orange Jucie (Oranges, citrus fruit)
    Cocoa (note: cocoa not chocolate, and certainly not Milk Chocolate. Dark chocolate is 50% cocoa, milk chocolate is about 7-10% cocoa.)
    Red Wine (yes, only red, and esp. Red Red Wine)

    Hmm... that's all I have off the top of my (non-doctorial) head.
  6. when i started smoking i was actualy in football, didnt really effect it, i was posta have an inhailer but didnt use one, and after i started if it did get worst i would have prolly had to go to the hospital.. but i did ok.. but now that im smoking ciggs ive noticed i cant sing as good well i can just cant get deep breaths to carry ona note :mad: cuz i used to be good.. mabey if i quit.... ill give it a shot!! hell ya, a better reason to quit!!! kickass
  7. PotSmoke, everyone knows that marijuana is like cigarettes it will give you lung cancer but death comes quiker. That sounds so delightful it lets me know i am not going to be here for too long i guess.
  8. I can't run for long periods of time anymore without slowing down... this could be partly from smoking but a big part is i haven't been running regularlly... so that info isn't too accurate... but i can notice a bit of a difference in the amount of oxygen i'm getting when i run. maybe that's just my imagination... so no real help here!

  9. That's very smart of you. 90% of lung cancer patients are cigarette smokers and 80% of emphysema patients are too. Along with 30% of all Heart disease patients and 75% of all chronic bronchitis patients. Smart move on your part.

    edit: I smoked cigs for 6+ years and quit cold turkey. You can do the same.
  10. does that really work cause I have a vap from 15 years ago ,with the soldering top to ignite but the test tube and lighter sound intriguing could rig up like a .....
  11. no matter what u do in life dont do excessive amounts,alcohol,lsd,cocaine,mushrooms,weed,get the drift,food,chocolate etc.....
  12. I did a research project on marijuana at school and I was asking my dad about it, he's a doctor, an anesthesiologist to be exact (he puts patients to sleep) and he said occasional use wasn't bad for your lungs, it's the chronic use that will hurt them. Occasional use I guess is just like on the weekend.
  13. I too am not a doctor, but i do like to research things that directly affect me, such as smoking. The tar marijuana makes is different than the tar cigs make. This is because the phosphate fertilizer used in tobacco growing contains radioactive elements that end up in your lungs after they have been smoked. Now both kinds of tar end up on the lungs, and both iritate them, but the radioactive elements from the tobacco tar enter the iritated spots in the lungs, which causes cancer. Also, apparently there has never been a case of caner successfully linked to smoking marijuana. That being said, I know that I may be entirely wrong, but this is from what I've read in legitimate articles .
  14. I have read articles saying that to. I have also heard that the reason cigarret smoke hurts you more is due purely to the fact of how it is grown. Apparently your body is able to brake down most natural tar. that would mean that it is the way in which tabacco is grown, as well as what is added to it that causes the majority of the problems. I dont really know if any of this is true, because i have not varified it with a source i can respect, but it is food for thought.
  15. I've heard that too, but as much as I am for the maryjane it's almost unthinkable that of all the peopel that have smoked marijuana in the existance of this world have never gotten lung cancer from smoking it. But I hope that is true :smoke:
  16. Revived :p

    I'm glad Mary jane doesn't do much damage to the lungs.. I only smoke every weekend.. I will occasionally skip a weekend.. Never gets old!!
  17. I smoke every other weekend, I've been smoking a bit lately, most likely because I just bought a shitload of tight music and it's amazing hihg :)
  18. i just smoke weed (daily) and ive got a bad smokers lung im always coughing nasty junk up
  19. dont know about lung cancer and lung damage.. but smoking weed has made no difference to my athletic performance.. (i run track)
  20. ..and me without my spoon hehaa just do not be a piggy

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