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  1. has anyone every tried this pill,its a hypnotic/sleep aid,but ive heard you canc atch a buzz off of it.i have access and i wanna kno0w if its worth poppin a few?
  2. Well according to the commercial one of it's possible side effects is dizzyness, I guess you could call that catching a buzz.
  3. I wouldn't fuck around with sleeping pills.

    That one, Ambien, people take it then fucking wake up in the middle of the night and go drive thier car and shit while they are asleep.

    Seriously just smoke a bowl and forget about it, IMO.
  4. can catch a buzz,but it mite not be my kinda buzz,and dont worry only idiots who take to much do that kinda usually not one of those people,cuz i try to get resources on what im using erowid Lol.
    but i may try it,may not,not really sure.maybe just one with some bud.
  5. Taking the recommended dosage of ambien can still have you doing loopy things, I for one would rather smoke, then take a pill for sleep aid.
  6. Temazepam.

  7. diazepam IMO:hello::hello:
  8. don't fuck with it... taking sleeping pills to get fucked up is how teenagers die.
  9. I thought.... mabey 3 ambies one night and i was fine, altho manny objects in my room and the rest of the house were all over in diffrent places that should have been the next morening, which meanse i was up moving shit around for a while with no memory of it whatsoever. zIm talking about thinsg such as a bucnh music cds from your desk might appear on your bathrrom counter mystriously the next day and you'll be lke "HOW THE FUCK DID THESE GET HERE?" I remember once I came online to grasscoty and made a post saying that i had just takedn tne pills or what just about to. well an hour - 3 hours later i came back and posted all sorts of gibbering nonsence that made no sense. me tryiong toexplain my experience. I think its funny
  10. Well, I take Lunesta every night before going to bed, as prescribed...
    And it makes me loopy as hell. I feel euphoric and drunk so it's tons of fun til you fall asleep... than ya wake up just fine.
  11. I just put one under my tongue lmao
  12. good vibes
  13. A warm glass of milk and a quiet place to rest.

    Sorry lactose-intolerant people, this shit is amazing.
  14. pretty sure you're not supposed to talk about abusing pills on this website

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