Lunesta commercial

Discussion in 'General' started by Storm Crow, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Is anyone else creeped out by the latest Lunesta commercial? I saw it while watching football yesterday. It looks/sounds like an invitation to join a freakin' cult!

    Project Luna "Join us!" :eek:

    Granny :wave:
  2. Haha for sure!

    I prefer my natural medication :) in 50 years from now think of all the awesome 420 commercials that will be around hopefully hah.
  3. Hehe, "Join Us!"...invasion of the body snatchers!
  4. Yeah but I freaking love Lunesta...if they were a cult, I'd join.

    Ever take a whole bunch of Lunesta, fight the urge to fall asleep, then have sex? It's fantastic...

    God Bless Lunesta
  5. The Granny Storm Crow I'd like to imagine would never watch football:mad:
  6. It probably is an invitation to a cult for unsuspecting sheeple....
    Pills fucking suck, speaking from personal experience.

    I may be paranoid here, but I think alot of new drugs are some sort of mind control shits to keep people brainless, by the government of course.
  7. Yup, FUCK PILLS.

    <3 the natural way
  8. it just creeps me out in general that pharmaceuticals are advertised everywhere all the time.
  9. It's illegal to advertise prescription pharmaceuticals on TV in pretty much every country but the US. As it should be.

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