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lunch box smell

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by rbg289, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Hello, I live in a residence at university and I want to start doing it in my room. I can't have any smell though. I am wondering if a lunch box would have any smell or if I'm better off to just use a pipe and blow through a carbon filter thing (they have one at the head shop.) I am only starting to smoke now to hopefully help with some insomnia and chronic neck pain so I don't wanna spend a load of money on a better Vape. Any advice would be great.
  2. Well if you're smoking in your room regardless the mflb will have one of the least amounts of smell, use it with the carbon filter, towel under the door and some ozium/febreeze when done. Really though just don't smoke in your dorm.

    Edit: and ofc if you do in the room a box fan in the window with it opwn
  3. Lol hes gonna start doing it in his room with a lunch box. Dirty boy
  4. Use the launch box. Blazed many times in dorm with little to no smell. Just get some glade to mask the fresh herb.
  5. I lost my virginity holding a ghostbusters lunch box
  6. Just be willing to accept the consequences if you get busted

    Parents house, worst that may happen is you get yelled at or kicked out (maybe)

    University, you get arrested, suspended, and can possibly ruin your record

    I've used the launch box in university bathrooms, but once I leave the bathroom theres no evidence it was me, doing it in teh dorm means it was you, hard to argue that

    Just go for a walk, way safer
  7. Just don't leave the battery in too long like this guy did. ;)

  8. Hahaha Iwien, crazy burn there.

    To the OP, do like MR_ says and go for a stroll. The MFLB is so stealth you can vape and be gone before anyone would wonder what the burnt popcorn smell was.
  9. ruined my "tongue in cheek" pic. ;)

  10. Aw comon'. Admit it. You weren't 100% sure it wasn't a Launch Box, eh? :)

  11. Holy fuck! hahaha damn, I wander if theyd replace it under warranty? lol jk
  12. oh and my friend had a mflb, and it reeked lol. Not the actual hits but the thing itself would stink soo bad after a few uses.
  13. Yea hitting it didn't reek, but if you open the cover to put fresh bud in, that makes moer smell than vaping I think

    Vaping in a dorm is asking to be caught, go outside or in some one else's dorm, haha

  14. Yeah you got me at first, I'm sure the buzz didn't help. :smoking:
  15. I almost dropped mine just now thinking that could happen to me right now lol

  16. burnt popcorn smell is familiar in my room. a person who knows i vape weed says it smells like weed yet when a person who doesn't know I vape weed always says it smells like burnt popcorn whether its the inh,mflb or the volcano.

    My guess is that the person who knows I vape weed is just bsing while the other person is actually telling the truth lol.

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