Lunatic Fringe: Does the moon phase affect you?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by TooSicKs, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. Do you get all crazy eyed during full moon and for the days preceeding and following?

    I do. Not crazy, really (at leat not more than usual) but I find that i get restless and usually end up with insomnia. Over the past few years i've noticed that bouts of insomnia and the urge to "go somewhere" nearly always coincide with the days surrounding a full moon. Sometimes it's mild and i just have a bit of trouble falling asleep, but other times, maaan, i feel really weird, like there's some kind of force driving me. Sometimes during a full moon i'll actually awake in the middle of the night and for reasons i can't even explain i leave the house and walk till i can't walk any higher up the mountian. The next thing i know i'm 8000 feet high standing on the tallest rock in the mountain range miles from home and the sun comes up. Sometimes i wander off and it takes me till nightfall the next day to get back, but when night comes i end up going back out. I've been known to go missing for a couple of days up in the mountians during a full moon. I don't get memory loss, and i do have some incredible journeys that lead to knowledge and enlightenment through personal commune with nature. Sometimes i go without food or water for days, other times i find water when i go, usually in the form of snow. (that's the only time there's water around the desert aside from 2 wet summer months), yet some months i prepare and have water ready to carry when the universe calls me out to allow me to learn it's secrets.

    This never happened when i lived in the city, although i'd get insomnia if i went walkabout i'd prolly get shot, and there was nowhere to go to be with nature anyways, so i used to stay up for days hacking or conducting research in my lab.

  2. I've heard several reports of a full moon affecting behavior...
    When I was studying psychology, I read a case study or two on the subject...

    It wouldn't be uncommon for people to do things they normally wouldn't do if there wasn't a full moon out...

    I'm still undecided though whether to think it's because of the fullmoon and something we have yet to discover, coincidence, or the psychological effects a full moon has on a person as a result of its portrayal in literature and the media...

    Those jouneys sound pretty damn trippy though...
    I've always just wanted to pick up and see how far I could walk...
    But I know better that I'm too damn lazy, would probably end up at some convenience store and take a cab back home...
  3. From personal experience, some nights i would not know it was full moon, i would be inside since daylight, go to sleep, wake up with this incredible urge to roam and when i go outside i realize the moon is full.

    But yeah, on those nights i had some pretty crazy conversations with the earth sitting up on a mountainloooking over the entire planet yet feeling like just anothe rock in the pile that makes up the mountain range, insignificant, yet the most important thing that exists, because for all puposes, i am the center of my universe, from one's perception, everything is outward, therefore your conceptualization of existence places you in the center of all you know to be.

    What i think is that tidal forces that act on earth strongly enough to cause oceans to move has an effect on the balance of neurochemiostry, some people affected more than others becaue of diffrences in neurochemistry that vary between individuals. Could it be something like say, iron, which is magnetic, and is present i the body, is affected by the gravitational effect of the moon causes a neurochem reaction? hmm,,,

  4. i gotta remember to come back here and post a big long reply to this when i'm not so busy chatting to that someone special.

  5. ... because our bodies are mostly water, salty water at that, and the effect of gravity causes tidal influence internally.

  6. hmmmmmmm never happened 2 me...... YET
  7. me neither
  8. *raises hand and hangs head in shame*


    it effects me i gotta admit.
  9. A full moon has just passed. I had the urge to go, but couldn't. My eyes turn big and green. (Generally, that either means: I can be wicked or the most fun-lovin person in the world.) My neck muscles stay tense thur the entire phase of the full moon. And it's like, I can tell you exactly---the nano second when the full phase finally passes.

    Then in my mind, I reflect on the past 23 hours and see how chaotic everything got.

    Shake my head & smokes another bowl.............
  10. I get depressed and some times get a feeling of claustrophobia, which sends me walking for hours. Nice to know I'm not the only Lunatic on here!
  11. That's so strange. I get exactly the same feeling when there's a full moon. Not that I go out wandering for days but I can't sleep and I have to go outside. I've never really had a specific point which I'm drawn to but most of the time I'll walk around the cemetary (right beside my house) for a while and then go back home to bed.
    Of course since I moved away from home I really haven't gone on walks, I'll just watch movies or something until I'm too tired to stay awake.

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