Lunar eclipse tonight

Discussion in 'General' started by TooSicKs, May 16, 2003.

  1. In case you didn't know.

    I'm prolly gonna go up the mountain an check it out

    Get info at

  2. Yep. I'm ready. Got the tellyscope all cleaned up. Although they're almost better without one. Does'nt look like the clouds are gonna cooperate though. I hear thunder out on the plains.
  3. It should be crystal clear here, i'm already up over a mile high, past the "thickest" parts of the atomosphere, and we don't have clouds in AZ

    I don't have a telescope tho, hell i don't even have telephoto lens for my 35mm, but i might try to shoot some pics with my 70mm lens and see what happens.

    I wish i had a sweet lens that i can fill the whole frame with the moon.

    My dad should be coming out here soon, he's got a 10" mirror diameter reflector scope that is the bomb, it's like 6 feet long and has a polar drive mount so you can set it up with a servo controller and track celestial stuff as it "moves" I want to hook it up to a digital camera and aiming software.

  4. Noooo! gawdamn clouds are getting friggin big. meteorologist are taking the piss. we had a perfectly clear day today... that NEVER happens here. meteorologist are taking the piss.

    here's the data from the local sky gazer's site in Orkney.. so should be almost identical for rest of UK.

    Moon enters penumbra: 2003 May 16 01:05:18
    Moon enters umbra: 2003 May 16 02:02:43
    Start of totality: 2003 May 16 03:13:42
    Maximum eclipse: 2003 May 16 03:40:03
    End of totality: 2003 May 16 04:06:23
    Moon leaves umbra: 2003 May 16 05:17:22
    Moon leaves penumbra: 2003 May 16 06:14:49
    Umbral magnitude: 1.134
    Penumbral magnitude: 2.100
    Duration of total phase: 0h 52m 42s
    Duration of umbral phase: 3h 14m 38s
    Duration of penumbral phase: 5h 9m 31s
    Altitude of the Moon
    The altitude of the Moon will be as follows:
    Moon enters penumbra: 10.7
    Moon enters umbra: 7.8
    Start of totality: 2.5
    Maximum eclipse: 0.3
    End of totality: -2.8
    Moon leaves umbra: -10.8
    Moon leaves penumbra: -17.7
  5. damn, its cloudy as hell outside...

    dah well, guess I'll just have to read about it tomorrow :(

    *Idea* post a pic of what you can see from your location :)
  6. stupid clouds.
  7. It's crystal clear here, i went up to my tokin' spot up in the mountains and watched moonrise to mear totality. I just got home and i'll be periodically stepping outside and watchin' still.
  8. i just got done watching what i could of it... friggin auto dealers have 1000 watts for every car they show... that and neighbors think they need there light to stay on 24/7, it was still cool though
  9. Caught a few glimpses coaching first base tonight but now it's gone, and the rains be a comin.

    I fergot what power my telescope is, 420? Bout as big as you can go and still not need a motor to keep things in frame. Damn cosmos. Spinnin and expanding and stuff like that.
  10. And I thought this was about the "Lunair eclipse of the heart" song.

    The eclipse was awsome.. clear skies and loving it!!!!
  11. personally i thought the sunrise was more impressive... maybe i was in the wrong place, at teh wrong tima and with the wrong amount of weed (ie none)
  12. I got a sweet view, and i saw 3 "unknowns" in an hour. Aircraft have flashing beacons, required by FAA as stated in part 91 of the FAR's i know, i'm an expert on the subject, satellites, on the other hand look like stars that move. Satellites don't turn corners and reverse direction in the sky, and fly a wide circular pattern at high altitude and join up with other objects. hmmm,,,

    There's been some airspace closures and MOA's (military ops areas) go hot this week, as well as warnings about "high velocity aircraft operating lights out" coming through some of the official comm channels. They're up to something this month.
  13. I was watching Reloaded while it was going on.

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