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  1. is 72 lumens per sq ft alright for a space of 6 1/2"Lx12 3/4"W?

    growing 1 small micro plant
  2. 72 lumens/square inch isnt even enough!

    no 72 lumens isnt good for anything

    you dont mean 72 watts do you by any chance?
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    no. i have 2 42w cfls. they put off 2800 lumens ea

    my space is 6"x12" w/ one plant. 5600/.5=11,200 lumens per sq ft

    so now would i divide 11,200 by 2 or do i just assume that since my length isnt eve a foot long then i would recieve ALL lumens being exerted? so my plant is receiving all 5600 lumens?
  4. Then you are putting 5600 lumens to .5 sq ft whish would be ideal considering the sun is 10000 per sq ft. It will be fine.
  5. Sorry I didn't see the rest of your post. I just saw the 2800 lumen 42 watts. My bad.
  6. That'll be about enough for 1 small plant. You have 9731 lumens per sq ft, you have a tiny grow box! I think 5000 lumens per sq ft is minimum recommended so you're fine. Another rule I hear is 100w per plant, so you're just about fine there too.
  7. thx for viewing! i figured as much but wasnt entirely sure. ive heard the 100w rule but have realized that lumens are what really counts. not really so much for me as i only have the one plant though...:D

    thx for viewing! hey no problems bro!

    thx for viewing! lmao! yes i know. its a speaker box i had layin out in my garage. painted the whole inside and i have my digi gaugue pinned up on a wall of the box and pretty much everything is fixed to a wall in the box. veeerrry stealthy though;) and very clean and neet

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