Lumens Per Plant???

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  1. i was wondering if anyone knew about how many lumens of light a full size plant would need to grow and thrive?
  2. "Thrive" is a very subjective word.

    I vegetate with less than 3000 lumens per plant and they thrive. however, it isnt the best they could get.
  3. Believe that read somewhere that about 10,000 lumens per plant as a rule
  4. depending on conditions, the more lumens the more it will thrive
  5. My grow i have 2 1225 lumen CFL Bulbs...that plant seems to be doing alright.

    My Grow...

    Please comment
  6. rule of thumb is 50-100w per plant or a minimum of 3500-5000 lumens per plant, but more is better
  7. sorry ive been busy. So if they recieve more lumens they grow faster or they grow more vegetation? Also, Would 5000 lumens be able to grow, and flower, lets say a 4' mother?
  8. ya, it would. Just find a way to dissipate the light all around the plant. Otherwise you'll have a lot of shadow.

    So.. reflector of some form. Dont be shy to start with aluminium for now. People will scream about heatspots, but heatspots requires that the light from the bulb be hot (hand feels warm under the light).

    CFL's just dont make any heat.

    but of course, it's not the best material.
  9. Ya the cfl's im running dont get hot at all. I can usually touch the bulb, as for the reflector if been thinking about that so i might just make one out of foil for now, thanks for the advice

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