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  1. I'm about a week away from starting my CFL closet grow and was curious as what the general rule is for lumens needed.

    I think I read somewhere that you should go by lumens per square foot, but nothing on how many per square foot.

    I will probably plant a few seeds and keep only one female... so once sex shows I will be down to one plant (providing I get at least one female). I was thinking of using 8 26w daylights for veg. For flowering 6 42w softs, and 2-4 26w daylights to help fill out the spectrum. I was thinking this would be more than enough light to grow but I would still like to have a general idea about how many lumens.
  2. nobody's got anything...?
  3. That's a good light set-up to veg a few and flower one.

    Lumens per plant is hard to pin to a specific number or rule of thumb because there are many different ways of growing a plant, some result in bigger plants and some result in smaller. For some very rough numbers, typical rule of thumb is 50-100 watts of HID lighting per square foot and one square foot per plant translates to 50-100 watts per plant. A HID light can put out 100-150 lumens per watt, so that works out to 5,000-15,000 lumens per plant, or about 10,000 lumens per plant on average, very rough numbers.
  4. To add to what Toasty said, you might want to keep in mind that any decent plant at maturity will take up more than 1 sq/ft. Probably more like 4 sq/ft. (24"x24" is not really that big) Shooting for 5,000 lumens per sq/ft should give you plenty of light if its from HID but I dont really know about the light penetration that you will get from CFL's and you might want to PM a really knowledgable (read: someone who has multiple CFL grow's under their belt in the Grow Journals section) CFL grower and see what they have to say.
    Another thing to keep in mind is that with CFL's you can place your lights much closer to your plants and distribute them in a way which allows your plants to recieve the light from various angles instead of from directly above - therefore you could potentially get the same results from few lumens.
    Still, best bet is to just pm a proven CFL grower and ask them
  5. Thanks for all the advice guys, I may just shell out the money for an HPS. I gotta do a bit more research first.


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