Lumens? God on Earth?

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    Im Really New To Growing. and plan on getting all this this weekend with some seeds from dr chronic. :D

    Ok, im gettin a little bit this forum helped me out 97.2 percent. now a lumen say i had 15,000 lumens in a 3 long 5 high 2 1/2 deep closet is this a good amount? to me thats a big ass number so id imagine that it would be good for growing... how long would it take for me to grow a "succesful" plant.?

    was looking at

    Includes one 30K Spiral, one 41K Spiral and one 50K Tube style bulb. A multi-purpose variety of light spectrums. Can be used for both flowering and vegetative applications. for 199.99

    and getting the
    Bucketeer DWC Kitto learn hydroponics..
  2. 2800 lumens per square foot of space is the general ammount.
  3. does more mean that the plant will grow faster or speed things up?

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