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lumens for seedlings

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Mephy86, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. is 1100 lumens enough for seedlings I have two seedlings that just sprouted a day ago under 1100 lumens of light on a 24/0 cycle atm until i transplant to my grow tent.

    I will post pictures later dont have the time atm.
  2. Dont go by lumens, what type of light is it and what wattage. Also how many seedlings do you have?

    I have been using a 2ft 2bulb shop light for my 6 seedlings and its doing fine. It has 2 17watt High Output bulbs though. Each one of those bulbs has more lumens the 1100.
  3. I respectfully disagree, going by lumens is better than wattage. Wattage is just a measure of consumption of electricity -- my oven uses watts but doesn't give off much light. We can talk about wattage because we know some general conversion rules of thumb to light intensity, which is what we really should be measuring. Lumens isn't exactly that either, but at least it is a measurement of light output. So you can use either approach to get to the same place, but ultimately it's lumens not wattage that is closer to what matters.

    To the OP, what kind of light is it? Assuming it's a CFL that will be OK for maybe a week, that's less light than one 23w CFL gives off.
  4. Your right, i just didnt want to tell him yeah thats fine and then it turns out he is talking about a 4ft shop light, cause then those 1100 lumens is spread out over 4ft you know. I didnt mean to make it sound like he should go by wattage alone, guess i should word things better. im always trying to rush and that makes things worse.

    edit: i see my mistake already, i meant to say dont go by lumens alone, instead i just said dont go by lumens period.
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    I understand completely I hurried my post because I had to leave for a final but basically what I'm asking is I have a reg incandescent atm on them that is putting off 1000 lumens IK this is not the light I should be using the reason I am is because I started germing these seeds as practice basically because I have never done it before ever. They both sprouted and look healthy so I decided to take them as far as I can I'm ordering a light with two 35w CFL's. I just wanted to know how about how long I had till they stretch to far and are lost to lankiness.

    -CFL's are in the mail
    -Grow room will be setup in about 4 weeks hence the practice run and I'm not worried if I lose them but if they make it they make it. (why waste money on seeds and germ them wrong!)(bagseed is free):smoke:

    -Firm believer that practice makes perfect and I'm treating everything as a learning experience

    -For the pictures below the first two are the seedlings the day they sprouted and the next pictures are 2-3 days after sprouting They both have 4 leaves and are very green and look very healthy to me. I've only watered them once with filtered water just enough to moisten the soil again. (going by all off the research I've done)

    -lemme know what you think
    (I'll put up my grow room specs when I actually finalize it almost there!)

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  6. Not only is it not enough light, but incandescent lights put off tons of heat.

    Keep burying the stretching stem as much as you can until the light comes.
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    ya I'm doin my best and trying to keep the temp down the room is a/c cooled so the temp is not that bad and I've been checking them often to make sure they aren't burning either, I've been trying to get them as close to the light as possible to minimize the stretching had some really shitty days around here or id just keep em in sunlight till the CFL's come

  8. Just be carefull if your going to bury the stem, some times the stem can start to rot if you bury it. Im not sure if it was just something that happen to me or if its common but back when i was doing my first outdoor grow i started my plants inside. I didnnt have enough light and they stretched, so burried the stems and a couple of the plants started looking like shit and they fell over cause the stem was rotting.
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    Ok so here is an interesting question which of MY TWO ONLY AVAILABLE LIGHTS should I keep on my seedlings for the next day. Im asking because I will have my two 23w CFLs by then but until then which do you think will work better I have a blacklight which is a CFL 13w but not right spectrum and an incandescent reg house hold 60w lol If the sun is out I will just use that but its been overcast for weeks here so lemme here your opinions and don't bash on the fact that I don't have lights and stuff prepared I'm not explaining it again just read my OP's :p

  10. You might as well not put either of them on your plants... im not trying to sound like a dick so please dont take it that way. Even with the overcast putting them outside is better then either of those choices.

    BTW why would you order 2 23watt cfls? you can go to any store and buy those for like $5. Even places like walgreens or cvs has those. Your going to pay shipping on something you can get anywhere? Like i could literally go into town close my eyes, throw a rock and hit a store that sells those.
  11. Do you have a basement or garage? If you do, is there shoplights in either room? Most garages and basements have shoplights and those would be better for your seedlings, no matter what spectrum they are or watt or however many lumens they put out, they would still be your best bet...

    Alot of ppl say blacklights will grow plants but i really doubt it.
  12. I cancelled the order on my bulbs after I checked the websites of some local hardware stores almost immediately after ordering, I just can't get them till saturday no I don't have a garage and when I say overcast I mean no sun whatsoever completely covered up and raining all the time ,you still think thats better then a light that is least outputting some lumens?
  13. well good news we finely got a really nice sunny day so the babies are sitting in the sunlight and by the time it goes away under the CFL they will go.
  14. Thats good to hear.

    Normally i woldnt recommend putting them outside then bringing them back in, but in your case i think it would be best.
  15. I just sat them on my window sill it got plenty of light by the time I came home with the CFL and now they are nested happily in there cozy lil veg box haha
  16. Itsy in her new home for a week or two

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  17. lol it looks like your peeping in on your plant...

    YOU PERVERT!!!:p
  18. well i have to admit for a 6 month old middie bagseed shes a sexy beast

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