Luke Wilson or TORO?

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  1. So I really want the double inline to 3 mini 10 arm by Luke Wilson but alt sold the only one they had and. They said in 6 weeks they might get another one so should I wait and see if they get another one or just get one of these toros now? [​IMG]
    7arm to 13arm[​IMG] circ to circ[​IMG] help me out GC:smoking:
  2. A toro will more def. make you happy. For every bowl there on out.

    Although that luke wilson looks fucking filthy!!!! I would almost say wait although don't quote that as I've never ripped one
  3. never tried either one but something about toro's have always made me like really want one. like they'd be the only bong i throw down like a mass amount of cash on.
  4. I would get that LW, everybody gets toros, but that thing is unique.
  5. The Luke Wilson is much more unique in my opinion, there are a number of 7/13's out there. Not bashing the Toro at all though both are great choices but if money and time aren't options LW hands down.
  6. good answer right here. Except not "everybody" can afford the 600-1200 price tag. Hell you can get accessories to even topple that numberrr:smoking::eek:

  7. Yeah I really want the lw but its only a maybe that they'll even get one
  8. You could try to contact daslurk, he's Leisure's media guy so he could give you a lead/idea.
  9. i would go with the LW too. toros are geat lookin bongs...never ripped a high ender like a toro or luke wilson but i would love to have one lol
  10. luke wilson.
    trust me on that one.

  11. I did he told me to talk to alt about it

  12. I'm saying "everybody" that goes high end and CAN afford it usually goes w/ a toro. I prolly will myself next year as an upgrade from my syn fixed 12arm, but that LW is sicker imho.

    and w/ a difference of 50 bucks, If you can get that LW, go for it, if not you'll be pissing your pants with glee with the toro anyways.:D

  13. If I go toro what one? Circ or 7/13?
  14. i'm getting #17, have that on hold. :p

    only reason i'm not going w/ that circ circ is the design on top, not my favorite. i'd go w/ the other Trever 7/13 if i was you.

  15. Yeah, me too haha. I'm waiting for the perfect green logo 7/13 or something.
  16. The Luke piece is fantastic, but the reality of the situation is that while you wait for 6 weeks on a maybe, you could be hitting your brand new awesome Toro. It would be especially frustrating if after 6+ weeks, somebody else beat you to the punch.

  17. Exactly!! I don't know what to do:confused:
  18. Toro. For sure.

  19. this is my thought

    never thought i would say it but... fuck that luke wilson lol:p:p

    i bet it rips harder and clears fast but it probably weights 25lbs and is two inlines and three tree percs really necessary....

    its a great piece but i think the toro is a little more practical..
  20. my cousin is going out with luke wilson haha

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