Luke Wilson 15 Arm Bubbler *Worked w/ matching bowlpiece* Updated w/ Video

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    Luke Wilson 15 Arm Bubbler
    18.8 mm
    2 worked sections w/ matching worked bowlpiece
    $420 w/ 20% off = $368 otd
    Honestly everything about this bubbler is a pro in my eyes. It is muchhhh smoother than the 6 arm that I had. The bowlpiece is a lot smaller in terms of the actual bowl which is good because the LW slide the I ordered off ALT for my 6 arm was GINORMOUS. This one is alloooott better for snaps, which is how i like to smoke. Can take fat milks out of this thing. Straight whole milk none of the fat free crud. Even my friends who smoke mad cigarettes that cough with my Shledon Black my RooR, my old Luke Wilson bub, basically all my pieces, can take this thing like a champ. I on the other hand can take monster hits out of all my pieces but I then again i dont smoke cigarettes and have lungs of steel. The worked section are gorgeous. It hits great with or without the ashcatcher. The extra diffusion isn't needed though it is as smmooth as can be without. A good quick pull as well with all the airflow from the LW bowlpiece It super practical and absolutely perfect for a coffee table sesh. It definitely took over as my favorite piece.
    The only thing I could think of was that my Name Brand ashcatcher didnt fit. But after some brainstorming I remembered I had my undiffused downstem from my first roor laying around somewhere. I found to see if it fits down the tree and it fits perfectly working as a perfecdt adapter for my ashcatcher...So really, I cannot think of any cons


    [ame=""]YouTube - Luke Wilson 15 Arm Bubbler *Worked*[/ame]
  2. *drools*

    MAN OH MAN!!! That thing is SICK!!!! And just in time for halloween too ;)


  3. That looks incredible but I don't understand how/where you hit it.
  4. Light the bowl and hit it from where the workd glass is at the end of the tube. its GonG so you just pull the bowl to clear it.

  5. very sick man, dont see too many of those
  6. amazing glass you have there sir.
  7. Lol from the top of the piece
  8. i loved the LW bubbs before but after seeing a worked 15-arm i HAVE to get one. sick piece dude gratz
  9. That is bubbler super sick!!!!!!!! +rep, lets see some milk!
  10. Thanks for all the love guys..... Milk incoming soon
  11. gahhhh too sick!

    +rep! :smoke:
  12. nice dude!

  13. fuck ya. lets get some milk of that mang. also, whered you pick it up at?
  14. Ill give you rep and a proper comment after i change my pants.
  15. sick piece man. my girlfriend just got a 15 arm, how much did that run you?
  16. damn man thats sick! ive been on the look out for them on ALT but they seem to sell out before i can grab one. how's it smoke?
  17. Sick as piece right there man im diggin the colors on it to!:smoke:
  18. OP edited w/ Video

  19. It was stickered at $420 but i got it $367 otd

    Piece of Mind in Lake City. they originally had 3 different colored ones that i had been checking out for months and finally two of them sold back to back (one of them being to NorthNorth) and I had to go in there and swoop this one up before the last one sold

    Sooooo fucking nice. Like my 6 arm,,,,,but a loooooot soother. I sold the 6 arm for $180 to get this
  20. Sick, nicest worked LW i've seen!

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