Luke Wilson 15 arm bub, N8 slide

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    Heya GC, here's the beginning of what should become a nice collection of glass :p . I picked up the slide a while back and the bubbler arrived last week :) . I also picked up some glow rods and a nice RYOT case, although I doubt the glass will leave the building.

    Here's a water test and some (small) snaps:
    [ame=""]‪L. Wilson 15 arm dewaar‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

    I got to say I'm really impressed, there is hardly any drag, it feels real smooth and tastes real good. I've hit China trees before but obviously they are not even close to the real deal:p. So smooth:smoke:...

    Well, cheers!
  2. Nice glass bro. Those LW 15 arm bubs are naaaaaasty. I would love to own one.
  3. shit looks dope. make my 3arm bubbler look like shit lol.

    I use to love the glass rods but i hate having a torch just chillin while im smoking my bongs. So i got the "Herb iron" pretty much the same shit but your press a bottom to heat up and once you let go it cools down
  4. very nice pick up bruh!

    i will be sure to a luke W in my collection.
  5. Noob question maybe, but what does "dewaar" mean?
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    Thanks for your replies:smoke:..

    I'm familiar with the herb iron, a friend of mine owns one and I must say I love it:hello:! But I'm comfortable with the whole torch thing and thought the iron was pretty expensive ;) . Maybe I'll buy one some day who knows.

    The main difference between the old ones and the dewaar style is that in the dewaar style the female joint is inside the bubbler. There are some other differences as well like the angle at which the bubbler stands and the mouthpiece. Or maybe someone else can shine some more light on this subject:wave:

    Here's some milk with the disc screen slide as well. I still use a regular screen too though, I'm not a big fan of the meteor shower in your glass thing. But there is basically no drag left!
    [ame=]‪Luke Wilson 15 arm w disc screen slide‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
    (the epic music totally doesn't fit haha but in my high mood it totally does:rolleyes: it's actually from planet earth hehe)
  7. Sickky sick 15 Arm. I hope to pick one up very soon; seems like a nice piece to add to the collection and I love bubs!

    That N8 is a sick slide; nice pickup!
  8. Gotta love LW, he makes nice stuff.

    Id like a better shot of the slide!

    Enjoy her man, and keep her clean!
  9. Sick piece man. Love the slide too.

    Congrats on getting the real deal, and supporting an American glassblower . Not some unintelligent blatant ripoff.

  10. sick slide man. is the fitting on it green too? i love pieces with that sparkly silver color
  11. Thanks, I still cant take my eyes of that thing haha. I'd love to get a N8 bub some day..!

    Yeah I know, the pics were taken with my phone but I think the battery for my camera arrives today so I'll probably update it later :) . And I'm definitely keeping this clean and taking proper care of it.

    Yeah someone got to send some cash to the USA right:p..
    Thanks dude! Yes the fitting on the slide is green! Love it with the 'dewaar' style..

  12. That is one sweet N8 slide, from A L T right?

    And I never get a meteor shower with my DD bowl. Which are you using?

    Sweet milks and bubbler!

  13. Thanks :). Yes the slide is from aq. lab tech :) . The bubbler, bag and glow rods are from RX industries. The disc screen is by L. Wilson, seems similar to the ones by B. Wilson. But maybe I got the meteor shower because I had to stir the rod through the bowl :p ..
  14. Yeah that is why. I use the Ben Wilsons and never get a meteor shower, using an Herb Iron for lighting. And that requires some touching. Maybe don't push down as hard with your glow rods...
  15. Ah yeah I'll give it a try for sure! But I think I'll stick with a screen anyway :) . Only pros as far as I'm concerned;)..
  16. Beaut bub! +rep for getting the real deal and not some knock-off. USA needs some cash!

  17. Hehe thanks! Yeah the USA definitely needs some cash I hope they come up with some ingenious plan because this is really getting insane! But you know what's 'funny' because we are part of the European Union and the bubbler came from the USA I had to pay $65.- even though there is no product like this available in here (as far as I am concerned) :') stupid scam

    Unfortunately no better pictures yet, I'm expecting the new battery any day now.. Also a new guitar :metal:!
  18. As promised, here's some better pics. What looks like small scratches are actually fibers from a paper towel >< .. didn't notice them
  19. I like how in the last video the music gets all dramatic right when you clear it.

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