Luigi´s Grow Journal Dr. Grinspoon in Coco under LED

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    This is my third time growing dr. grinpoon from barney´s farm seeds. I have not achieved the phenotype as seen on their page, but aspects of this phenotype are visible. The current grow is at 11 weeks under 190 watt LED in a XS sized Homebox (60 x 60 x 120 cm).  I vegged this one for 4 months under 80Watts of a CFL in an area of 30 x 30 x 60cm. This kept the plant small, very small. (My first time around with Dr. G, i let it grow in an open room: it hit 2.5 meters before flower!!!!)
    I then switched into the tent and LEDs. I´m at almost 11 weeks and as you can see from the pictures in the album, looks good. 
    I have been using AN Grow and Bloom all along in Cocos. Feed every 3d day. I don´t P.H. and I use a local mineral water which has high levels of Cal/Mag for LED growing. For all my grows I only use mineral water. I grow for myself, so I can afford the extra water costs. Plus its fun to see how the plant may like Volvic instead of Evian


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