LUI (sol) grow diary, soil/400w hps. 5th grow

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  1. Hey people, i'm pretty new here at GC so whats up? to start with. Had to stop growing after last summers outdoor batch due to moving house and alot of other stuff, also didnt have the internet for about 9 months or so. I was a proud member of Overgrow and i see there are a few people around on here from there so you might remember me from mainly the UK outdoor growers thread or my indoor NLxHaze grows. I went to goto overgrow when i got the net back and found my home had disapeared, so you'll have to put up with me around here from now on haha.

    Anyway managed to get my self set up again so more growin less yappin now :D

    *Grow area is what was an old pantry under the stairs, id say ive got about 5ft(w)x6ft(l)x5-7.5ft(h) of usable grow area. Had it all blocked up when some work was being done on the house not long ago, apart from a 2x2 hole which is behind a sofa and bookcase. So you'd never know it was there;)

    *Lighting - well i got 1 400w hps rigged up atm and a 250w hps ready to go when i need more light, that'll make 22w per sq foot some of you might say i need more but ive worked with about that for my last grows and have had good results so im ok with it.

    * Growing medium - Tomato growbags (not left in the bags ;)) with 1/3 perlite mixed in.

    * Nutes - not really sure yet as to what brand, but it'll be some nice high N feed thru veg, then i will probably move onto simple tomato feed the liquid type as all previous plants seem to prefer this to some £50 a bottle shit that makes my buds taste like cat piss even when flushed.

    * Seeds - Be starting from seed seen as i had to stop growing and have no clones, Legends Ultimate Indica, some that i save from a while back. Heard some good things about it and i have never grew more or less pure indica before normally a nlxhaze person.

    Bah i'm blabbing now i could go on talking shit forever so if you wanna know anything else just ask.

    Pic1 germing in wet toilet paper inside a video case put ontop of monitor.

    Pic 2/ 8 hrs later - i see tap roots :hello:


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  2. By the way can anyone tell me how to just put the fullsize images straight into the post and not thumbnails?


    Edit: NVM just remembered, heres some nice stuff im smoking atm for your viewing pleasure :)
  3. i just read a lot of good things about this strain on high times :) good luck...
  4. Good to hear it :) i heard good things about it (well a few bad ones to but thats 1st timers for you) on overgrow a while back.

    Seedlings went into small pots today and under the lights. I use the 400w hps from seed to harvest, i know i dont need to have the whole 400w on them now but im too dam lazy to get a load of fluros to use just for a few days, so there :cool:
  5. This is what my growroom looks like to everyone else :) outlined it so you can see whats happening. All the lights are on behind that pic aswell and you cant see a smidgin of it.

  6. doing some under the stairs growing huh gl again bro
  7. Got 8 out of the 15 seeds i germed into small pots now 3 more should go in tomorrow but it looks like 4 of the seeds aint gonna pop :(.

    On the plus side i have a mutant plant, seen a few around on OG a while back never had one myself though and cant remember the proper name of them :S any of you old pro's enlighten me?

    For now we will call her(hopfully) Tripod :hello:


    As you can see it has 3 instead of the normal 2 growth points (excuse my noobness my memory sucks and its been along time since i was on OG)


    A bit closer? you cant see the 1st set of actuall leaves that well but trust me there are 3 there :)


    And heres some more bud i picked up earlier tastes well citrusy :D

  8. nice. good luck. I've heard great things about that strain over on hg420
  9. he nice mutant , I have one also , he's called batman cuz of his first set of true leaves being like bat wings :D

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