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  1. It all started late on a saturday afternoon. The plan had been set in stone for weeks and now we were ready too follow through with it. My buddy, his brother, and me had planned too head out too their cabin in the woods and bring some stuff along. We had four hits of lucy sweetarts, two Blue Louis Vuitton for each of us. Also a quarter of blueberry mist and some strawberry sheesha for all of us.It started with arriving at the cabin and setting tent, speakers, and hookah up. After all the work was done we all took three of our doses and relaxed too some slightly stoopid beautifulness.
    About and hour later we looked at the trees across the lake and they seemed too be dancing and swaying too the music. We switched the music too band of horses and the trees seemed too like it! because they started really groovin too it! Once the visuals and feelings kicked in from the lucy we popped our two ecstacy pills and our last dose of sweet lucy. I turned upside down and looked at the reflection of the lake with the trees and they seemed too blend into one mess of swaying shapes. We chilled for a little on the patio smokin a ciggarette when the idea came too my buddys mind too take the canoe out! mind you I was havin a great ass time watching the trees jiggle and was not motivated too do this but once we set sail it was well worth it.
    We dragged the canoe down and hopped in. I grabbed the captains seat and we pushed off! This is where the visuals really started! as we glided through the water we looked down and saw a misty green smoke in the water that would branch out into floral patterns. We were so fixed on this mind blowing stuff we kept forgetting too paddle! so we drifted around the lake for awhile and felt the good vibes being sent too us from the other shore. As we paddled along I looked up and started too see more and more tracers and dots in the sunsetting sky. We finally made our way too the shore and beached ourselves. We explored for a little on the shore and found a good spot too smoke. We lit the bowl and watched the world turn upside down. As I looked into the sky there was a single star that kept strobing brightly while there would be tracer like fireworks exploding behind it! I looked at the opposite side of the valley to a very large mountain in the distance. As I stared at the mountain I was entranced with the colors of light exploding all over it. I would look in the sky and see rainbow colors. The whole sky looked grainy like an old static television. As I looked around a sound came roaring over the lake and it was one of the most beautiful peaceful sounds I had ever heard. We figured it would be time too head back too base and so we did.
    As we pull up too homebase we figure its time too listen too some more music. We walk too the patio and start playing some MGMT and man did they blow our mind. They put us in the perfect mind set for the rest of the night. After chillin and smokin for a little bit we decided since it had gotten dark we should walk too the local golf course.
    As we walked on the road up a hill it seemed as the road was never ending going on and on. but Alas! it was not, it was just the acid :) we finally made it too the course where we saw one of the most beautiful things the whole day. A little bullfrog that was on the path. His skin was the trippiest thing and as we stared at it he stared back... We picked him up and named him louie the frog. We brought him with us until we layed in the driving range and looked at the stars. We all started having acid talk and started too deeply coversate. My buddys brother has a philosphical major and when he talked it sounded so true. We discussed everything from family, to religion, to space and everything surrounding. Once our minds had put out as much as it could we decided too head back home. As we walked back I played with a lightsaber we brought along the lit up in different patterns and colors. It blew our mind swerving and swaying it side too side. The tracers were brilliant.
    We arrived and chilled and listened too pink floyd while watching the starry night sky. As we were watching and listening the ipod died! it was a buzzkill but we all got over it and proceeded our way down too the tent where we had set up next too the lake. As we layed down we talked about how we would love music. Then I said "we don't need music, just listen" seconds after I said that we heard a wolf in the distance howl, then two howls, then four, until there was a symphony of howls almost every dog in the area. We could even hear distant howls that echoed from far away. Needless too say it was the weirdest occurence the whole night, and we figured my LSD Mind powers called it. The rest of the night winded down as we watched stars trance, dance, and twinkle colors till the acid wore off. This trip was by far my favorite ever and I had the most colors, tracers, and visuals I have ever had. If you havent experienced Acid I would reccommend doing so as soon as possible, it will completly blow your head off. Thanks for reading I could feel the positive vibes from pandora's all night! :hello:

  2. lol much love! get your hands on some of that lucy! its well worth it
  3. no, i've done it like 50 times, it's just a hardcore lsd drought around here. shrooms just dont cut it. so i do oxycontin.
  4. right on. thats what it was like here until this summer, then BAM! i find the hookup and stock up :) I dont do shrooms much, acid's much better plus you dont get the negative effects of shrooms.
  5. hell yea ive tripped on acid 2 times n the first time it was me n my best ass homie just chillen in my other homies house but he was went on a trip so he said we could stay..

    the second time i was kicken it at my crib n me n 2 other homies took tht shit n talked on the phone all night cause i live like 2 miles away..weird as fuck but awsome
  6. I love u lucy yo
  7. woa, ive never talked on the phone before lol

    same with with me :D
  8. Sounds like a fun night, I wish I could get some lucy around here.

    And I deffinitly agree with lsd>shrooms
  9. I'm tryin to get cid right now I've decided to do it before shrooms, any comments on this? good or bad?
  10. i dont know, i'd say avid use will fuck with your mind a little bit. maybe over a period of time if you do it a lot, it doesnt fuck with your head, but if you do a lot of it in a few months period, your brain comes out kinda fucked up.

  11. not at all, i dont like shrooms because of all the negative effects of it like the tummys

    Maybe, its a hell of a trip tho :hello:

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