Lucy in the Sky With Me

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by BEATkilla, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. So, right now i have 2 hits of LSD on my tongue, and a quarter of mids to blaze in the bong
    Going to be a great night :hippie:
  2. You lucky bastard, I would love to be in that position right now, besides the fact you'll probably have to pull an all nighter.

    But I would only want to trip if there were friends there who were also tripping.
  3. My friends left after they smoked a blunt with me, but once i start tripping I'm gonna see if some people want to match
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    Sounds fun. Good vibes your way man.

    (If you get bored, find a notebook or notepad and go to town.)
  5. nice bro, enjoy that shit !!!! my favorite thing to do when i trip is get some crayola markers and a big ass drawing pad and go to town. once i come down ill go back and look at my crazy ass drawings lol...
  6. good shit bro. What kind of tabs were they?
  7. I honestly don't know, I got 2 for $25
    I enjoy writing music, so maybe if I come up with something, ill post it.
  8. have fun bro, rippin that bong will be fun...i like to smoke alot of weed when im tripping
  9. i love smoking outdoors when I'm tripping. I almost forget it's illegal. Have fun, be safe, and fry! :smoking:
  10. nice man, good vibes heading your way

    i really wanna drop, but im gonna wait til tomorrow night or this weekend. its so tempting but i need to conserve what i have so the longer i wait the better itll be and the more ill have til the next festie

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