lucky theres a family guy.

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  1. hey blades i just wanted to know what your favorite episode of family guy is or what your favorite quote from family guy or american dad is.
    my favorite quote is " ladies and gentleman ,mr. conway twitty" haha
  2. shut up, meg.
  3. When Brian tells Stewie "you look like Lou Ferrigno's poop".

    The whole steroid episode is one of my favorites.

    "first one's on the house"
    [ame=]Family Guy - Preview Clip #1 from 4/26! - YouTube[/ame]
  4. " there once was two cowboys alone out on the trail they discovered they could have sex with another male now there havin buttsex......oooooooo gay cowboy buttsex ( sing along everybody) sodomyyyyyyy sodomyyyyyyy ....
  5. "I was watching something on the history channel about this guy named Hitler, somebody should stop him."
  6. "YAYYYYY LOiaaaas'1
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    this show is so dumb. hilarious, but dumb. idk my favorite quote yet.
  8. I like the one when Stewie and Brian visit other dimensions, idk I don't watch it enough for a favorite quote
  9. 'What is the most unattractive male name in the english language?'

  10. When Peter gets his nails done and talks ghetto, and when he pretends to be jack ass and breaks his neck in a shopping cart.
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    Pretty much any episode with Consuela gets me :laughing:

  12. That show sucks

  13. [​IMG]

  14. True, recently it blows.

    American Dad on the other hand, A+
  15. i like the american dad episode when they get stttttttonedddddddd
    and he's looking at the chips in the gas station store
    high as fuck
    doesnt know what he wants

  16. [​IMG]

  17. FUCK YES
    cheetos ..cheetah...

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