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  1. Hey guys I found some seeds in a bag and just planted them for shits and gigs. But they have sort of started growing. At the moment them under one 100watt cfl bulb at night. And out in the sun during the day. I will be buying 3 more cfl 6500k bulbs so I will have 4 in total.

    In the first two weeks they stretched a long way. And the round leaves and the first real leaves on one of the plants have died. But there is still new growth. And the stem on one seems to be very week and its like the soil is cutting off the stem. The other plant is a lot shorted with a thicker stem. I am a bit worried about transplanting to a bigger pot yet because of how flimsy the stems are.

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  2. Your plant seems to look healthy, other than the dead leaves, but it's really small for 2 weeks.

    The baby leaves though, I have heard, are kinda suppose to die off. Which probably indicates that it's low on nutes now. The plants come with enough nutes for about 2 weeks anyways, so you could start adding nutes if you want. But extremely low amount, since the plant is still so small and fragile.

    How many actual watts are you using? The equivalent watts are useless and mean nothing, it's the actual watts that matter. I think the bulbs you have are 100 watts equivalent, and around 23-26 watts actual, which is far below the minimum.
    But it's still good that you bring it out in the sun, as long as conditions are good. However, it seems useless since there should be more growth.
  3. The tall one being held up by the stake has just completly wilted and keeps falling over. Would it be better to just pull it out and keep the healthier plant?
  4. At the moment I have just one 24watt cfl bulb. Im waiting for my adaptors to arrive in the post so I can add 3 more bulbs. So will be 100 actual watts when its done.

    There is blood and bone mixed through the soil which helped in the new green coming through. But just today when I put it in the sun. Its wilted up and looks dead. There is no strength at all in the stem.

    I read about pinching the stem just before watering to help strengthen it? Would that do any good now or is it too far gone?

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  5. I would just get a small fan to blow on the stem instead of pinching it. Not to say pinching doesn't work but a lot could go wrong.
  6. I think your plant is dead now. Similar thing happened to one of my previous grows plant. It look pretty much just like that. I don't know what caused it though. My guess is bad water, or just some sort if screw up. I left mine in a humidifier dome out in the sun, so I think it died of heat.

    But, you can still try and keep it. You never know what may happen. I just sprouted some plants, and when they first came out, they had fallen over and looked dead, but I let them be and a day or 2 later, they were standing.

    I haven't heard anything about pinching, nor have I heard about a fan, helping the plant in any way to get water. If you can explain it, that would be great. I just did a quick search and didn't find anything.

    Also, how many plants are there in total? You wanna make sure you have the right amount of watts.

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