Lucky Moments

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by jakas20, Jul 28, 2002.

  1. Alright....this was a long time ago but I will always remember it as a great moment. Me and my friend had already finished 2 joints as we decide to spark another. We are riding around in my neighborhood and she passes me the joint. I take a couple of hits and then check out how much is left of it. I think it is pretty much gone so I chunk it out the window. My friend starts tripping...saying what the hell did you do that for? So I make my apologies and say fine..I will try to find it. She is sitting there laughing as I back halfway down the middle of the road...oblivious of any cars. Thank god no one was around. After 15 minutes of searching the road...I finally found it and sparked it back up. It was like we never stopped smoking. I was so proud of myself because if I wouldn't have found friend would have spread the word...and my other friend D would have been off the hook for dropping a fresh joint in the lake weeks before.
  2. hahah!

    fresh joint in the lake....wind always sacres me when lighting up...especially if its the first joint (the magic for that is just diffrent issnt it) after a large study session!

    anyway, good thing u found the j

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