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Discussion in 'General' started by darxkillxusions, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. So everyone i know uses a bic lighter, including myself, because you just cant go wrong with a bic lighter, they last forever and easy to mark and make your own.
    But since everyone i know uses a bic lighter the *Bad Luck* white lighter is a rule we all follow religiously because its always been that way with us.
    i think it is a stoner code but does anyone know the actual luck/ meanings of a bic color? because in our group green means money blue means that life calms down and good things happen yellow is fun times white is bad luck red lighters always show up when you need a lighter..
    that sort of thing i know there is a list, i just dont know where to find it... Does anyone know it????

  2. i have no idea what your talking about lol
  3. Sounds like something I might think up when im high... good luck finding the answer! sorry I cant help
  4. i kno the white lighter thing and its true i disregarded it and now im on probation for a year i wish i coudl fins w/e list ur talkin about itd beintersting and i have a purple mini right now lasted em a few months sum hwo cuz i loose it and refind it alot
  5. ugh..


    Lucky/unlucky bics is superstition. Don't be silly.
  6. Yes I agree.. hand me that white lighter and I'll toke without any sign of fear, haha.. But I do agree with the concencous of Bic lighters..def last longer and always have no problem sparkin em up.. personally I would take the black over any other color though:cool:
  7. Black or green is the way to go, but yet again, im not superstitious. Any color is fine with me.
  8. I like either a black regular sized or a purple mini.
  9. My only quark about bics is that I have to remove the child safety thing. I can light it with it on, but sometimes on a slightly breezy day I have to flick it a lot and it begins to hurt after awhile of that shit. So I just buy big 10 packs at the store and remove the stickers and the safety thing and stash them.
  10. I have color preference, but no superstition. I love green ones. I like the mini ones too... great to hold with your finger and thumb.

    EDIT: Lexus, I hate safeties as well. They've gotta go.
  11. Fuck the minis.. they are too small and I usually get too frustrated to light them.. especially if it's sorta cold, and my fingers are slightly numb..
  12. The only way to rock a bic is if you take off the safty with a flathead screw driver. that makes it like so much eaiser to use. especially here in long island if you smoke outside right now its mad cold and when i get high i get even colder and it gets harder to use the bic with the saftey on.

    edit: sorry i didnt notice that lexus_rolla said like the exact same thing as me lol.
  13. my code only goes as far as this...

    red lighters-bad luck
    i use white lighters religiously...i name each and every one white lightning....I....II....II....etc, and i try to avoid bic, or scratch the logo off, i want all white, haha

  14. i must say, using a flathead probably works best, but i ALWAYS use my car key... just pry the bottom side of the safety (nearest the gas outlet) and then use the key to press the bent metal back after i've pulled the safety out...oh, keys are more readily available, they're almost always present wherever you go, ya know? screwdrivers are harder to come by
  15. Yea thats true ^^
  16. I like white.
  17. I dont have a color preference but one of my white lighters came in handy for some friends one day...a couple of my friends went to the place where we chill for sessions one day and they had a brand new baggie and they didnt have a lighter but then they looked where i sat the previous time and my lighter was there so it was pretty lucky for them, i still havent gotten that lighter back
  18. Mini blacks or regular orange is usually what I roll with. I'm fine with any color.
  19. i do the same...its like a ritual
  20. dude shiittt i always smoke w/ a white bic....thank god i got a new one

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