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Luckiest Kid Alive

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DeadRowers, May 26, 2009.

  1. So me and my bro were at this party last Friday night, because his parents were outta town. We were all drinking and blazing and such. You know, just chillin.

    Well we ran out of beer. Being the dumbasses we were, we sent out my bro, Forrest, because he was the least drunk to get more beer. So he goes out, and we didn't hear from him for a few hours, and we were just like wtf.

    Well he showed up at about 2 AM with the beer, and a crazy ass story.

    He had had about 3 or 4 beers I'd say, and he drove about 30 minutes later. He had also taken some sort of pills, I forgot the name, I'll have to ask him. So he's a stupidass and started driving down the wrong side of the road on a divided highway. Well it didn't take long for a cop to pull him over.

    Well the cop immediately figured he was drunk, and told him to take a breathalyzer. Now, I'm 18, and he's 17. DUI and an alcohol charge was not what he was looking for.
    He was taken out of the car and given field tests, and passed them all, but the officer told him he had to take a breathalyzer. Well he denied it, so he was arrested and put in the back of the police car ,and driven to the station, where he had to take a compulsory breathalyzer. So he did, and blew a 0.00. Twice. Keep in mind he had drank 4 beers about an hour and a half before.

    Well stunned as fuck, the officer had to let him go, although he did get a reckless driving ticket. So he got back to his car and picked up our case and showed up at the house.

    So, he claims it was those pills he popped that made his BAC 0.00 for a little while. I'll have to ask him what they were, but still. Craziest shit I've ever heard.
  2. haha daaammnn. I wanna know what pills those were. I would have called it a night after going to the station...haha.
  3. The tester machine was broken.

    Had to be.

    WTF kinda pills could cause that?
  4. He is lucky =O where did he get beer if he is 17 though? lol

  5. ...really...are you that nieve?
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    He just told me it was Ambien.

    I honestly have no idea if this is bs or not, but he was serious as hell. And he had the reckless ticket and all.

    Maybe the machine was broken. If so he was even luckier than I thought.
  7. i still want to know where a 17 year old gets a case of beer at 2am.
  8. Easy as fuck. Hit up a bro who keeps like 10 cases at his house.
  9. Ambien? He shouldn't have been driving lol.
  10. Really, it wouldn't be all that hard. Back in high school, me and my friends would pick up a mexican from a low economy area where there are many illegal aliens, about 10 minutes from my house, and tell him if he bought us beer we would give him $XX, and they would take the list we give them, get like $80 of alcohol and get $20 to keep. Mind you this would be a 5 minute job and the guy made an easy $20.

  11. Yeah I know it just increases your drunkenness. Either way, it's still weird as crap.
  12. Last time I took ambien in a car I couldn't see anything 10ft infront of me, mindfuck.
  13. how much time did he drink those beers in and how big is this kid?

    he mightve had less than 4 then you guys ran out of much time had passed since he got to the test?

    ambien doesnt eliminate the alcohol concentration in your breath, but my boy has a portable breath thing, maybe ill test it this weekend just for fuck sake
  14. He's about 150, and he drank them in about 45 minutes.

    He either had 3 or 4, I don't remember.
    It was about an hour and a half from drinking to the test.
  15. Where the hell did he buy beer at 2 in the morn. I would say it is easier in general for a 17 year old to buy beer in the day time than ANYBODY could past 10 pm. Here the law is no beer sold after 9 pm and is a far stricter rule than the underage purchasing. Funny story bro.
  16. no beer after 9??


    Its 1.30am here and 12 on sundays....

    9 o clock... thats crazy.....
  17. When i was a freshman in high school: we used to always chill at a buddies house of mine and when we would be chillin outside and the wind would blow a certain direction we would always get a strong wiff of chronic. well after this kept happening and got stronger in scent we put 2 and 2 together and figured someone around us was growing indoors, and not your guerilla grow, this had to be a whole house.

    my buddies older sis was a hotty(19) and would always get the looks when she'd walk her dog. one day she is walking her dog and starts talking to the neighbor who is outside with his 2 enormous rottweillers, they get to talkin and he makes mistake #1, puts pussy in front of his game. says hes about to blaze and if she wanted to join she could. she does of course.
    When she comes back to her house she comes into her brothers room and is baked like cookies and she has at least a couple grams of chron in her pocket. she pulls it out and says something like "ya its white rhino or somethin like that." she then tells us that this dudes house wasnt a house at all. no furniture in the house and it fuckin reaked of chron, they blazed in the garage that had only a table, cuple of chairs and scissors all over place she said. while they were tokin, the guy showed her a fuckin huge cola, she said the size of her forearm.

    So now we're on it. my buddies next door neighbor is growing, and massive amounts of it. my buddy starts kind of staking out the pad next door and the movements of the grower. We find out that this guy doesnt even live there, he pops by about 3-4 times a week just to kind of make a presence that someone lives there. then we find out that hes usually there 2-3 hours each time.

    We've got all we need. The day we decide to roll on the house my buddy stays home from school to ensure that we move when hes not there. Me and the other guy that are in on it(he was 16 and had a car, getaway car) have the same health class and we ended up not doin annything in the class so we ask teach if we can jam out early. he looks at us and grabs his roll sheet, and says we can take this to the attendance office and then says if we get caught, that we walked out of his class and that its are ass. me and guy go to a pay phone in school, call dude and see whats the deal. Its a go.

    we roll over to my friends house, plan it and get ready. get a couple pillow cases and backpacks for each. we're about to roll and dudes mom comes home. FUCKED. naaa we quickly come up with a reason to leave; we're goin to the screw shop to get a cd, his sister hears this and is all "oooo get me a cd here heres some $$.
    We get into my boys car and roll it around the block so that all we have to do is jump a couple fences once weve got it all. We park the car and walk back around the block to dudes fence and proceed to hop it. We had already figured out that the dogs were with the owner and not at the house. I have a massive flathead screwdriver with me, and thank god i did. B/c this guy was smart, all the windows were locked and the sliding glass door had a gnarly lock on it that wasnt budging. So i wedge the flathead under one of teh windows and push down with all my weight, the locks break and the window is free. I take the screwdriver and use it as a knife to break thru the black tarp/mylar he had covering the windows.

    As soon as i do BAAAM at least 30+ plants setup wall to wall in an ebb-n-flo setup. Once we get in you can barely walk around. We split up once we get out the bedroom, i take the living room and garage and buddies split to the other 2 bedrooms. As soon as i get into the living room there are COLAS SOME AT LEAST 3' in length. WTF!! how are we gonna get this all into our cases/packs? There was well over 100 lbs strung out and curing on ropes that were strung across his living room.
    My buddies come in to the living and say the rest is still flowering. My buddy goes into the garage and comes out with a elbow thats just lying around bagged up. We start taking the colas and shoving them into the pillowcases, pockets and our backpacks. we each had at least a foot of bud sticking out the top of our packs. we get all we can, around 25 lbs total, and start getting the fuck out of there.
    we exit where we entered and start hopping fences. The first fence we hop has an old lady in her backyard watering plants, she freaks the fuck out and runs inside. Then we have to cross a street with fuckin colas of white rhino sticking out of everywhere. We get into the car and burn the fuck out. WE ARE FUCKIN AMPED AT THIS POINT!

    Then we're like where the fuck can we break this down at, and quickly too? my rents were the only ones cool with the herb but i couldnt bring in 20+lbs of chronic into the house and be casual with it. So we remember a buddies mom was renting a house that was currently being worked on so we head over there. Get there and everything is locked, no way in. Fuck it ive already done one B&E wtf is another. pop open a window and we bring everything in: all the weed and trimming supplies. We get in and out of there in about an hour. AND I WAS SITTIN PRETTY ON 8LBS OF WHITE RHINO.

    We hit perfectly too, the only curing that we had to do was let it sit in jars, and man the container store made a killing on us that day.
    I made around $4000 and smoked TITANS of it for lunch. On the weekend we would get together and see how much we could blow. One saturday between 4 peeps we blew almost 5oz, haha!

    Im currently tryin to create a time machine so that i can go back to that time. If you invent one before me, send me a PM with the details.
  18. in my city they stop selling alcohol at 2am. it sucks when you run out of beer at 1:50 and the closest place is 15 minutes away :mad:. that shit happened to me last night.
  19. erm....

    ^^^^ that was random...... well... two posts up...
  20. last time my friend had ambien from i thinnk when he was deployed in iraq. dude said they were mad bored and pop'd a couple of them. later found his roomie fighting with a box of gold fish. he said the fish were attacking him.

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