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Luckiest Drug test ever!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tekeen, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. I just got back from Orlando where I had applied for a job.

    Everything seemed to be going fine as in it seemed like I was hired and all of a sudden the lady pulls out an on site drug test and It had been only a week since I last toked.

    I was panicking but I was worried as hell since I need a job badly. I figured the worst that could happen is a positive and I will just leave without saying anything.

    It was a rectangular shaped plastic case with 4 different types of drugs like opium, pcp, thc, and ocp or something.

    You just take it and dip it into the cup of piss.

    Naturally I was trying to think of a way to tamper with it and decided to dip it much farther into the piss than your supposed to like where the little boxes the have 2 lines for negative and 1 line for positive.

    Then I shook it vigorously for like 10 seconds in hopes it just might screw the test up.

    Well I waited five minutes for the lines to show up.....apparently by dipping it too far into it I managed to distort the lines for pcp and thc cause it is like an ink type of thing I guess but you could clearly see the others were negative.

    I swear the thc had only one barely visible red line and pcp had one line and a really faint second one but it was pretty smudged.

    So I walk into the office and hand her the test and say "Looks like I tested positive for PcP and Thc" in a joking manner.

    She looks at it obviously a bit puzzled so I told her I might have dipped it in too far.

    She asks me if I can take another one and I am thinking oh crap these tests cost 25 dollars a pop and I would feel bad if the next one nailed me.

    I walk to the fountain and start drinking more water and go to the lady again and right before I could ask her for the other test she hands me my employee ID and stuff and says "Your fine see you tomorrow".

    Naturally I immediately realized that she was letting me slide on the second drug test and I got the job!:hello:

    Dont be afraid to try to mess up certain drug tests lol
  2. nice, maybe she just has to test you but doesn't really care about drugs personally.
  3. Yeah I dunno why she let me slide...

    The thought did occur to me that she knew why I had tampered with it and did not want to screw me over on it.

    That or she did not want to waste another 25 dollar test on me hehe.
  4. hehe reminds me when i was getting a security job. Basicly same sort of thing, except instead of an on-site piss test (which i was prepared for, brought clean urine) she busted out a Q-tip looking thing and told me to stick it in my mouth and collect saliva. Well by this time i am freaking out because i actually smoked on the way TO the appointment. I was sure i was screwed, so i got barely any saliva on it and claimed i was on allergy medication that caused dry mouth. she kept having me move it around to get more, finally when there was enough on the q-tip she tested it. I personally saw a very light red line on the THC, but i guess she didn't becuase she said alright good deal, welcome to pinkerten security. lol, i was laughing the entire way home.
  5. that's tight. +rep for being slick
  6. haha those tests are sooo inaccurate. i smoked a bowl on my way to a job test (unknowingly) and passed for some fucking reason. haha i cant explain it. i smoked every day. and i still passed....

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