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  1. Hey! this is actually my first post on the Forums, so allow me to introduce myself, names Kyle, been smoking only for about a year now.. all day every day. Anyways, I started 3 plants outdoors back in May, Around the end of June they hadn't started budding, but it seemed like it was getting close! I then got kicked out of my house.. and had to live with my Dad for 3 weeks. The plants went 3 weeks without anything! I arranged someone to take care of them, but he didn't get the job done. I finally got to go live with my mom again, I was positive they were dead. I went back to check on them.. My biggest one, brown.. DEAD. But my second plant multiplied in size since the last time I had seen it! [​IMG]

    The 3rd plant is a male, I've confirmed that. So I only really have one plant left, and I'm having a hard time telling if it's starting to bud or not... Heres a few pictures.



  2. yep, its budding
  3. ^ Hallelujah !
  4. Sure is. Good luck.

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